5 Easy Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

With every new year, come new resolutions and one of the most popular ones is to workout more/eat healthier/and generally just improve lifestyle. For me, exercise is much more about my overall health and wellness rather than vanity, but I see both sides! I love how much we’ve gotten outside this year (due in part to COVID and also moving to Nashville with lots of new trails and roads to explore), and I also started working with a personal trainer in 2020 whose workouts I’ve really been enjoying. I want to keep it up in 2021, so read my top five ways I plan to stay on track when it comes to taking care of myself in the new year!

1. Increase Your Physical Hobbies

I love getting outside and being active—it keeps me going and rejuvenates my soul, thusly why I’ve loved how many outdoor opportunities this year has presented to us. Who knows when gyms will reopen or you’ll feel safe enough to re-join, so until then, have been finding new outdoor activities you love to get your body moving. Walking, hiking, bike riding, running, and even a day full of running some errands increase my resolve to my commitments without me even thinking about it!

2. Include Others

Hand-in-hand with my hobbies is the idea of making an effort to include friends and family in those hobbies that I enjoy. This is a no-brainer because everyone loves company and it really bolsters the idea of staying physical with no extra effort. Will and I always try to involve each other in our fitness exploits, and it really makes a difference when we do.

3. Keep It Green

This pertains to one meal a day. I make sure that whether it's a smoothie, over lunchtime, or at dinner, there's a strong presence of focus of green ingredients involved. Keeping a green-centric mindset in what I eat for at least one meal a day ensures I get my necessary nutrients.

4. Instagram It

This may sound silly, but especially with the pandemic and being stuck at home, finding ways to hold yourself accountable is crucial for your performance! When you workout, go on a walk, or make a delicious, new healthy meal, share it! Don’t be shy or feel insecure—you truly never know who is going to see your content and get inspired to get off the couch or add more greens to their dinner!

5. Remember Why

When in doubt, always go back to why you set these resolutions in the first place. Many times, I want to eat everything under the sun without a second thought, skip the gym, or stay in bed a little longer. And all that is okay, but in moderation. If you make most of your days amazing ones full of mini accomplishments, your resolutions will be naturally fueled and take you places you didn’t think you could go!

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  1. Young said:
    Posted 12.27.18 · Reply

    I’ve been trying to walk for at least 30 minutes every day and it’s helped me lose some pesky pounds.

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