What I Bought on Amazon in April

Today I'm rounding up everything I bought (and loved) on Amazon for the month of April. I'll admit, it definitely looks a little different from the March haul, but times are different right now, so my shopping shifted slightly. I found a lot of home and beauty products that I've been loving, including my new favorite curling wand for under $50! This amazon haul features a lot of items that are available on prime, too! I also started teasing some of my collection from The Drop! The launch date is still TBD, but if you want to be the first to know details, make sure to sign up here for updates! Keep reading below to see everything I bought on Amazon this month! Let me know some of your favorite Amazon purchases.

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Leather Cleaner: This was actually a reader recommendation (love when you guys send them in!). I get a lot of questions regarding color transfer on my Chanel bags and I have only had issues with one. First of all color transfer comes from the dye in the item of clothing you're wearing, not the bag itself. The dye is just transferred on to whatever object your wearing/holding, like a handbag, if it didn't go through proper finishing treatments. I got a beautiful red linen dress in Italy on our honeymoon and wore it to dinner one night with my beige Chanel bag. Unfortunately there are a few small red stains on the backside of the handbag, so I got this leather cleaner to remove them. It worked so well! I will definitely be using this on my handbags/shoes as needed in the future.

Black Ruffle Dress: Another great Amazon Fashion find for the win! I'm getting in the mood for spring/summer dresses and this one will definitely be on a weekly rotation! I ordered this in a small and medium and ended up sticking with the medium only because I needed the longer length. FYI I'm 5'10 and the small fit everywhere perfect, it was just a little short. If you're under 5'10 take your true size. It comes in a few colors and it has pockets! Perfect to wear with sneakers, sandals, or heels.

Blue Light Glasses: I'm on my laptop nearly all day, and my eyes definitely start to feel the strain after a few hours, so I grabbed these blue light blocker glasses and have been loving them! They come in a ton of color options and my eyes are felling less strained now.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat: How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Probably not often enough. I try to clean mine once a week and I love these little cleaning mats. They have suction cups so they fit perfectly in the sink around the drain. Just add dawn soap (gentle and effective), warm water and cleanse the makeup brushes against the mat to remove excess makeup. Love that you get two for under $10!

Hair Removal Tool: Ok so I admit, I haven't actually used this yet. BUT I'm planning to this week. I have a lot of friends to dermaplane themselves and I've read up on all the benefits and I'm very intrigued. I've been interested in doing this for a year or so, and I was a little nervous until I watched the tutorial using this exact dermaplaning tool. I can't wait to see the results in my skin and to see how well makeup sits on my face now.

Curling Wand: I've been using the T3 for a couple years now, but lately I felt like my hair was looking more damaged and I wasn't quite getting the curl I wanted. I decided to go back to the trusty Hot Tools brand that I grew up on and that so many hair stylists I know use. I've always been a fan curling wands instead of the traditional clamp, so I found this 1" wand by Hot Tools and I love the curls it creates! Plus its under $50 so much better price tag than the T3!

Oversized Comforter: So over the past few weeks I've noticed Will and I "fighting" for covers at night. We have a king size bed and bedding, but once we are both in bed, there isn't a lot of extra coverage on the sides. I like to basically burrow, so I searched for oversized comforters to see if that was even and thing, and sure enough it was! I got this Oversized King Down Alternative Quilted Comforter and love it! It has nearly 5 stars out of almost 25,000 reviews! I love that its hypoallergenic and is machine washable.

Sheepskin Rug Runner: We currently have a small sheepskin rug on our entryway bench, but after I saw my friend Emma with a sheepskin runner version in her room, I had to have it! I'm super picky when it comes to the color of the sheepskin, I don't want any yellow or warm tones, but I also don't want it to be so white it looks fake. This is actually the second one I bought because the first was too yellow. I love the color of it and its so soft. I find Scout sleeping on it often.

Oversized Duvet Cover: And since I got a new oversized comforter, we had to get a new oversized duvet cover. This wasn't necessarily hard to find, I'm just picky. Unfortunately the white option has already sold out, BUT I did find one with amazing reviews that is nearly identical. The only difference is it has a zipper closure vs. ours has button closures. I'll keep an eye out for a white restock in our exact one in the meantime.

Chile Crunch: Will and I bought our first jar of this Chile Crunch when we visited Telluride over my birthday and just recently ran out. Luckily I found it on Amazon, so we stocked up! We put it on everything! Avocado toast, breakfast bowls, tacos, veggie bowls, really anything that needs a little added crunch and subtle spice. FYI its a better deal if you buy the 3 or 4 pack because the single option is marked up. Let me know if you get it and love it just as much as we do!

Nespresso Pods: I typically get our Nespresso pods in person, but since quarantine I've been ordering nearly everything online. Amazon had some of my favorite Nespresso pods in stock, so of course I grabbed a few boxes. My favorite flavors are Livanto, Cosi, Scuro, and vanilla.

Mike's Hot Honey: So this is another recommendation but from Helena of Brooklyn Blonde. I noticed her putting Mike's Hot Honey on pizza and since we eat pizza at least once a week and I wanted to give it a shot. Oh. My. Gosh. This is SO good. Since we loved it on pizza, we started experimenting with other foods. I've used it as a glaze for roasting veggies and that might be my next favorite way to eat it! Definitely give this a shot if you love sweet and savory!

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  1. minau said:
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    Great buys! Love the glasses!

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    Love it all! I need to do an Amazon haul ASAP!!

    Gina Checchia