A Peek Into the Fashion Jackson Office

Anytime I post Instagram stories while in my office, I get tons of questions regarding the furniture, rug, items on my desk, and especially my shelves. We didn’t have the most functional closet in our master bedroom, so I decided to store my shoes and handbags in my office. I love the way they look displayed on my Ikea shelves. It’s so much more functional this way too. My office is right by the font door, as I can grab a bag and shoes to match my outfit before heading out. My desk chair is from Scout Design Studio (not sure if its still available) as well as the brass hands I use to hold my blue light blocker glasses. Those are two items I get SO many questions about. My favorite piece (which you can’t see from this image), is my new mirror on the opposite wall. Its so stunning! Let me know if you have specific questions to any of the pieces shown in this image – there are a lot and I can’t link everything!