Billie Dry Shampoo

So I featured this dry shampoo on my Instagram highlights a few weeks ago and just wanted to give you guys an update that I’m still LOVING IT. For me, I wash my hair about 2 times a week. On day 1 (freshly washed hair), I don’t need to apply dry shampoo. Day 2 I typically don’t unless I worked out the day before. Day 3 is when I will always need dry shampoo. As soon as I use the “floof” from Billie, my hair looks/feels just like it did on Day 1 and now has added lift! This dry shampoo works so well that I typically won’t need to apply again before my next hair wash day (typically day 4 or 5). There is no scent and the powder absorbs nicely into your scalp without leaving any “ashy” color.

Editor’s Note: Offered in two options based on your hair color. I went with “light”