Knotted Headband Trend

I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t a fan of the knotted headband trend. I had my reasons, but mostly because I really don’t like jumping on trends as soon as they emerge. I like to give them a little time to see if it’s something I’m actually into. After seeing them on a few people, I was starting to come around. I figured this would happen seeing how I LIVED in headbands as a little girl. It wasn’t until I found this leopard one at Nordstrom that I knew it was time to give in to the headband trend. As soon as I put I on I was sold. I was also falling for the knotted headband with pearls, however, I decided to just try the one out first, and make sure I really would wear it before getting a second. Since then I’ve already ordered a few more styles and can’t wait to wear them this summer!