My Favorite Lipsticks

I’ve never been super into makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I do love it, but I love to just find products that work for me and stick with them. Sure I’ll try new products here and there and I always find a few new favorites, but I always love having a few shades of lipstick. I won’t be the gal to have 40+ shades, I would never know which one to pick, but I definitely like to have a few to choose from depending on my outfit, skin tone at the time (aka tan or not). I’ve been getting ask a ton recently about my lipstick or color I’m wearing that day. I never really thought you guys cared too much about it until now! These are the ONLY lipsticks I have but they work all year for me, which I love!

Top to bottom colors: Anastasia Nude, Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, NARS Anita, Kosas Rosewater (clean beauty!), NARS Anna, Charlotte Tilbury Secret Selma, NARS Annabella