New Affordable Living Room Rug

We FINALLY got a new living room rug & I’m obsessed. Honestly we weren’t really in the market for a new one quite yet. We knew the previous one would be replaced as soon as we moved, but after a terrible stain that was impossible to remove, it was time to start shopping. Of course I wanted to keep things on the neutral side, and since we won’t be in this house forever, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that may not work in the new place. I found this Moroccan rug for under $400! I couldn’t believe it, everywhere else I had been searching only had Moroccan rugs over $1,000. It’s held up great so far with both dogs (they also approve of it) and it’s SO much softer than our previous rug. I’m definitely going to keep in mind for our next house!

Editor’s Note: Featured size is 9×12