The Best Hair Brush I’ve Ever Used

I’ve talked about Violet Grey before, but in case you’re new around here, Violet Grey is one of my favorite beauty sites. I have found SO many of my “can’t live without” products from them. They have the best newsletters, share new product launches, have a section dedicated to clean beauty, the list goes on. While it might look like more of a luxury beauty site, they do offer some of my favorites like Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Nécessaire, so there is definitely something for everyone. However, 2 years ago I found this brush and featured it in one of my holiday gift guides. Well I finally bought it and OH MY GOSH. I never knew I could love a hair brush so much. It detangles so well and now I use this when I try my hair instead of a round brush. My hair has never felt better. Yes, its an investment, but TRUST ME with this one, its worth it.