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Everyday FJ | August 29, 2020

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Everyday FJ is a weekly series where I round up all the content of the week plus questions and requests straight from my readers and share it all in one big post. Here you’ll find answers about fashion, home, beauty and everything in between. 

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1. How do you prep your frozen bananas for the freezer?

I peel them first, then cut in half and store in a ziplock freezer bag. I try to use within the first 1-2 weeks for the best quality. But they will last about 2-3 months in the freezer.

2. How is traveling during Covid?

I've traveled a few times during Covid and get this question every time. While the conditions aren't ideal for travel, the airlines and airports are doing their part to ensure safety, and I have felt safe each time. Face masks are required inside the airport and during the entire flight. The flights I've been on have not been full at all. Yesterday's flight only had 29 of 146 passengers. Most planes are boarded from the back to the front and in small groups of people while maintaining social distancing. Everything is exceptionally sanitized. You can visit the airlines websites for more information. FYI I have flown on United and Southwest during Covid.

3. When is your next Amazon Drop collection? 

We don't have the exact dates yet, but I can say it will launch fall/winter. If you're not familiar with Amazon Drop collections, as soon as they launch they are only available for 30 hours and then never again. That's why its so important to sign up for the email/text alerts that way you know exactly when the drop will happen and you don't miss out! Read this post for my last drop collection.

4. Thoughts on Botox and fillers? 

Personally not for me (although never say never). I'm almost 37 and have never had either done. I have a pretty thorough skin care routine which I feel like has done a great job. Plus I'd like to just age naturally.

5. Do you still use/would you recommend Vintner's Daughter skincare?

100% yes. It's one of my holy grail skincare products and I still need to write a full review on it! If you can only pick one though, get the serum before the essence.

6. What deodorant do you use? I've tried all the naturals and they don't work.

I use Nécessaire! I was in the same boat and tried a lot of natural deodorants and this was the first one that genuinely worked for me. I know everyone is different, but I can honestly say this one is bar far my favorite. I like both the fragrance-free and Eucalyptus.

7. Favorite and least favorite thing about Nashville so far.

There are sooooo many more pros than cons. We love having so much more space, the people are so friendly, less traffic, better cost of living, the restaurant scene (when we visited pre-Covid when found so many great places), I'm also really looking forward to change in seasons. For cons, the only thing so far I can think of is the lack of shopping. In San Diego I had two great malls with essentially every store I needed. Here, there is only one and the selection is a little more limited. I mainly shop online so it isn't the end of the world.

8. I know this is though, but if you could only have one designer bag, which would it be?

This is SO hard. My gut says my Celine Belt bag because I use it more than any other bag and it's a great daily bag. But if I could only have one, it would have to be a classic black Chanel handbag. Mainly because they are an investment (the prices increase annually), they literally go with any outfit, and its one of the most iconic handbags. Read this post for my entire Chanel handbag collection (since Jan 2020)

9. What is your new nail polish color?

OPI Tiramisu for Two! Might be the best non-white neutral I've ever tried!

10. What mattress did you decide on and do you like it?

We went with the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze mattress and LOVE it. While we were on our honeymoon, the first hotel we stayed at had Tempur-Pedic and we slept so well. Ultimately when we were searching for a new mattress, the Tempur-Pedic was already #1 on our list. After talking with a few friends who also have (and love it), we decided to just go for it! We got the pillows as well, which was a great decision. It did take about 3ish weeks to "break in" and those were a rough few weeks, but now its perfect! I will say it is tough to travel and not sleep on one, I've become a little spoiled in that area!

Link Requests

1. Favorite perfume & body lotion

This has always been my favorite body lotion and right now Mojave Ghost has been on rotation for perfume

2. Shoes you wore to Sephora

They are Chanel espadrilles. I've been wanting these for a while now and could never find them in my size. When I was at Nordstrom last week, they actually had them, so of course I bought immediately. I found a lot of pre-loved options here and under $100 option here!

3. Your all white workout sneakers

They are APL! They fit true to size, and I only do indoor workouts in them to keep them clean

4. Best jean jackets

I actually have denim jacket guide rounding up the best styles! Right now this is my favorite fitted option and my favorite oversized option.

5. Your dog beds

They are custom made from Lilly & Abbie. I have the Black-Classic stripe for all three fabric placements. Use code FJ10 for a discount!

6. Affordable tote bag for work

Since I wasn't sure of price range, I found this vegan leather tote on sale for $55. I love that it has a zipper closure so you don't have to worry about items falling out, and its large enough to hold up to a 15" laptop!

7. Joggers for tall gals!

Athleta is a great shop for activewear in extended sizes. I have these under $100 joggers which also come in a tall length!

8. Everything you packed for your trip

While it wasn't fall in San Diego, I took fall items so I could shoot content for the upcoming month. It definitely got me excited to be in Nashville and enjoy the season changes! Everything featured is linked here!

9. Favorite staple Golden Goose sneakers 

Definitely go with a neutral - I love this pair.

10. The non-ripped jeans you wore in San Diego

They are a new pair of Levi's! Under $100, has stretch and fit true to size. Such a good option for jeans without rips!

Weekly Top 5 

1. I got this coatigan last fall and it is truly one of the most worn pieces in my closet. It's easy to dress up or down, and most importantly comfortable! It sold out so fast last year, so if you're considering, make sure to buy while you can before its gone again! Fit is oversized; wearing an XS.

2. I shared these Golden Goose sneakers last week as an alternative to the tan pair I got earlier this summer. Check out this post for if your considering a pair of Golden Goose.

3. These linen face masks are probably my favorite I've found. They fit perfect and come in a ton of colors! The only downside is the shipping time (took about 2 weeks), but since there is no plan to stop wearing masks anytime soon, I didn't mind waiting.

4. I'm always on the look out for alternatives to Golden Goose sneakers since I know the price tag can be steep. I found these sneakers and they are a PERFECT alternative! They have the same styling without being a knock-off as well as the same wedge insole. They are probably the most comfortable pair of sneakers I've ever own, no joke. Fit runs big; I went down 1/2 a size. 

5. If you're looking for an alternative to the Free People sweater that sold out from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, this sweater is the one for you! I bought it in both khaki and black because I know I'll be living in them all fall season with leggings and sneakers or booties.

What I'm Loving

1. This camel wrap coat under $60!

2. These matte black outdoor wall sconces for next to our front door

3. Getting in the fall spirit and want to start making homemade chai lattes! Going to order these pods and this chai!

4. Finished Handmaids Tale last night and I can't wait for season 4. Until then send in your recs because I need a new show!

5. These black booties! I don't have anywhere to wear them yet, but I think they will be a great pair to dress up for fall/winter.

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