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As an avid and probably little-too-obsessed follower of the one and only Rachel Zoe, I try not to miss a beat when it comes to her social media posts. A few months ago, The Zoe Report posted four super chic iPhone cases to Instagram, and I was immediately in love. As silly as it sounds, I’ve been searching a long time for an iPhone case that showcases my personal style (I always end up getting sick of the kitschy cases I buy with the quirky graphics and silly sayings).

Black, gold, white, and lacquered are the four words I’d use to describe my ideal case. And, thanks to Rachel’s Instagram tip, I followed her link to the Adopted web site, started clicking around, and voilá! There it was –white, leather, and metallic gold all in one case! It was meant to be.

Once I had my beautiful, new friend in my possession I obviously Instagrammed my own photo of it and was thrilled when the Adopted team recently reached out to me! They wanted to send me more cases to handout to my family and friends to spread the word in return to be featured on the blog – DUH!

So today I’m featuring Adopted. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out or haven’t heard of them, get on it ASAP. There are tons of styles to choose from, each more chic than the last. You’re sure to find the perfect case that compliments your everyday style. Adopted’s attention to detail, unique finishes, and specialty materials used really sets this brand apart from everyone else. It’s the perfect way to bring fashion to technology.


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  1. emma said:
    Posted 10.18.13 · Reply

    omg so cute. what a great post!!!

  2. ADOPTED said:
    Posted 10.18.13 · Reply

    We LOVE this! Thank you so much!