How to Look Presentable After A Hard Gym Workout (Without Taking A Shower!)

Fashion Jackson Walmart Post Gym Beauty Products

I’ve always been envious of women who can workout and not break a sweat, even when they’re working out really hard. Exercise for me usually equals sweat and constant thoughts of “Am I dying?!” Needless to say, after a particularly strenuous workout, I don’t exactly look how I do in the Instagram posts you guys are used to seeing of me! I know I’m not alone in this, which is why today I’m sharing my essentials Walmart Beauty products that will make you look presentable after a hard gym workout.

Let’s be real—sometimes a shower just isn’t in the cards post-gym. You may be squeezing in a lunch workout or have a dinner with a friend to get to, and having enough time for a real shower is unrealistic. Because of this, I have a carefully curated collection of Walmart Beauty items that I swear by. 


Post Gym Products

Fashion Jackson Walmart Post Gym Beauty Products Neutrogena Face Wipes
Fashion Jackson Walmart Beauty Native Deodorant
Fashion Jackson Walmart Post Gym Beauty Products 3
Fashion Jackson Walmart Beauty Living Proof Dry Shampoo
Fashion Jackson Walmart Post Gym Beauty Products Dry Shampoo

My Walmart Beauty Post-Gym Must-Haves:

  • First and foremost, you have to your makeup on hand for quick touch-ups! I love this makeup bag and it doesn’t hurt that it looks designer
  • What did we do before dry shampoo? Having a bottle of this in my gym bag is essential for making my sweaty gym hair look acceptable!
  • A shower may be out of the question, but applying more deodorant never is. I always have a backup in my gym bag
  • I don’t bring face wash with me to the gym, but these face wipes are the perfect alternative and a quick way to freshen up:
  • My post-boxing hair isn’t going to detangle itself and this is my favorite comb
  • I never, ever wear makeup to workout. Doing so and sweating in it are huge no-nos for your skin. Instead of searching for sweat-proof makeup, wear none then apply a tinted moisturizer and bronzer post-gym for a quick, clean glow up.
Fashion Jackson Walmart Beauty La Mer Moisturizing Cream
Fashion Jackson Walmart Post Gym Beauty Products 2
Fashion Jackson Walmart Beauty
Fashion Jackson Walmart Post Gym Beauty Products 1
Fashion Jackson Walmart Beauty Jo Malone Cologne

These are my simple steps to looking presentable after a hard workout when I don’t have time to shower, and it’s all thanks to Walmart Beauty. You don’t have to break the bank buying backups for your gym bag, and you shouldn’t! Keep these in your bag, and you’ll always look fresh and ready for what the rest of the day holds after kicking butt.


Post Gym Products

A special thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photos: Arielle Levy

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  1. Lidia said:
    Posted 1.24.20 · Reply

    Guuuurl……Thank you for putting this post together. We all do this (although no one wants to admit it) so these tips are really helpful.

  2. Elise said:
    Posted 1.26.20 · Reply

    Loving all these essentials! I’m always looking for new ways to stay looking fresh after an intense workout session! I need to get myself an essentials bag asap!

    XO, Elise

  3. Posted 2.2.20 · Reply

    Thanks for your tips. All the products that you recommended are trustworthy and I love the way you arange everything! You always look so beautiful, neat and presentable and you’re life is so order!

  4. Posted 2.2.20 · Reply

    The perfume that you’re using is also my favourite perfume. Feel so related!!!