My Easy Summer Beauty Routine & Budget Friendly Self Tanner

Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Routine 1
Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Routine

Now that summer is pretty much here, I've started to swap out some winter beauty products for more in-season options. My beauty routine doesn't change too much from my standard daily items, but there are a few can't-live-without beauty products that I have to use for summer! Self-tanner, bronzers, tinted SPF moisturizers are just a few of my must-haves. And Walmart always has exactly what I'm looking for to get the perfect summer glow.

During the summer months, I really like to keep my beauty routine minimal. I find that starting with a good base glow, helps me to achieve the perfect sun-kissed look. I have been using this St. Tropez Self-Tanning Mousse for a while, but this L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Mousse is my favorite budget-friendly option. I prefer the mousse self-tanners; I think they go on the most even, and give the best "real" looking tan. For the days after I use the mousse, I like to follow up with a self-tanning lotion. I find that this really helps to set the tan and keep it lasting for a longer time. Walmart has tons of self-tanning options, I've also been wanting to try this one too!


Summer Beauty Buys

Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Routine Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner
Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Self Tanner Routine

Like I said, when it comes to makeup, I like to keep it pretty simple. I use this light tinted foundation with SPF. I find that it gives great coverage, while still being lightweight. I follow up with a bronzer/contour/blush combo and this highlighter to keep that golden glow. I'm seriously obsessed with this highlighter! During the day I'll just use one eyeshadow color, but for night I might add a few more and this palette has the best options! Don't forget a simple matte lip gloss to complete the look - love all the color options from Maybelline via Walmart. Finally, complete the look using the BaByliss Curling Iron to get the perfect undone beach waves.


Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Routine 2
Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Self Tanner Routine 4
Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Routine Blush Highlight Contour Bronzer
Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Beach Waves BaByliss Curing Iron
Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Self Tanner Routine 5
Fashion Jackson Walmart Summer Beauty Self Tanner Routine 3

Beauty Details

Self-Tanning Mousse (medium) | Self-Tanning Bronzer (medium) | Neutrogena Foundation (light to neutral 30) | Bronzer Kit | Highlighter (molten gold) | Eye-Shadow Palette (rooftop bronzes) | Matte Lip Gloss (65 Seductress) | Curing Iron (1")

A special thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photos: Arielle Levy

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  1. Susan said:
    Posted 5.30.19 · Reply

    Thank you for the beautiful tips and suggested items, love all these colors. What palette are you showing close up in the picture directly above where you are curling your hair? It has four colors? Love all these items.

    • Posted 5.30.19 · Reply

      Its linked in the post! There is only one color option 🙂

  2. Josephina said:
    Posted 5.30.19 · Reply

    Where is your shirt from? Sorry, unrelated…

  3. Olivia Schueller said:
    Posted 5.31.19 · Reply

    I have to try this self tanner. Emily Gemma has been raving about that self tanner too!

  4. Brittany said:
    Posted 6.1.19 · Reply

    I will have to try this! Any details of the shirt and jeans available?

  5. Sarita said:
    Posted 6.10.19 · Reply

    What makeup remover do you use for your lipstick? I have the same shade and it does not BUDGE (which is great for wear, but terrible when you are trying to remove it at night!) Thank you!