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First, Walmart completely revamped their fashion selection. Now, they’re introducing new, clean beauty products with their in-store line called cleen beauty. I’ve gotten more and more into the clean beauty movement because, when you think about it, why would we opt to use unknown, unnatural chemicals on our skin when there’s plenty of high-quality, organic product out there?!

Every product in the cleen beauty line at Walmart is under $10, but acts and feels like the department store stuff. I bought 9 products that I want to walk you through today in case you’re interested about this amazingly affordable, clean skincare line!

Coconut Hibiscus Face Wipes

These feel as luxurious as they sound. For barely over $2, you get 25 wipes, which is such a steal in the world of makeup and beauty. The coconut water in these face wipes naturally cleanses, nourishes, and tones skin while the hibiscus extract improves skin tone, texture, and is rich in antioxidants, which is always a plus for the skin.

Acai Face Scrub

This daily face scrub is formulated with Acai powder and oil, both of which work together to gently remove dead skin and impurities as well as leave the skin with a transformative glow. I love using this first thing in the morning to wake my face up!

Avocado Hemp Butter Sleep Mask

After the night cream, I apply this sleep mask made with avocado hemp butter a few nights a week for extra hydration, and it’s amazing. Avocado butter is known to contain vitamin E, which is your skin’s best friend, especially when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles. This sleep mask also contains hemp seed oil, making it rich in fatty acids that help moisturize the skin. Apply it generously before bed and wake up with glowing skin!

Face Mist

I love a facial mist, and this one is great. You can spritz it on throughout the day to refresh your face, and the coconut water and hibiscus extract work to nourish and tone your skin. I keep this one in my bag so it’s on-hand when I need a quick mist!

Cooling Eye Balm

Eggplant and coffee?! While the combo doesn’t sound exactly edible, it works wonders in skincare. This cleen beauty Cooling Eye Balm both brightens your under eye skin and improves the appearance of dark circles, which is exactly what we look for with an eye balm, right? What’s cooler is the eggplant extract provides a natural purple color (it fades!) and is rich in vitamin C (a skin brightening savior). The green coffee oil and coralline extract is what works to improve the appearance of dark skin under the eyes, and leaves the area feeling rejuvenated and hydrated. 

Rosehip Jelly Face Cleanser

This face cleanser is another wonderful option as a daily face cleanser. The rosehip oil and rose water target both your skin tone and texture while hydrating and brightening as it gently cleanses. This stuff is also infused with vitamin-rich bladderwrack seaweed extract (wild name, I know) and helps to flush away the bad stuff and decongest pores. My skin feels so calm and clean after I use it!

Vitamin C Serum

Everyone needs a daily serum or face oil, and this cleen beauty Vitamin C Papaya Glow Serum is under $10 and perfect! It’s a very thin, water-like serum with a natural citrus scent that quickly sinks into your skin, and the papaya enzyme in it acts as a natural exfoliator. Your skin will be glowing after using this!

Face Moisturizer

SPF is a non-negotiable when it comes to daily skincare, and cleen beauty’s face moisturizer with SPF 30 is the perfect way to protect your face throughout the day. It’s unscented and creamy, melting into your skin and leaving a dewy glow for the day ahead. The shea butter works to nourish, moisturize, and condition skin as well. It’s the perfect everyday moisturizer.

Night Cream

Is there anything more soothing to the skin and senses than lavender and chamomile? This cleen beauty night cream is relaxation in a jar. Infused with lavender oil and chamomile extract, this barely $10 cream restores and conditions skin while simultaneously calming your senses, which is exactly what you want before a night of beauty sleep!

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These 9 products are just a fraction of the entire cleen beauty line, so check all of it out on and treat yourself to some new skincare goodies!

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