5 Helpful Tips to Consider Before Buying a Designer Handbag

I've received so many questions over the past year about my designer handbags, I decided it was finally time to share a little insight into those purchases. Buying a designer bag is definitely an investment and should be treated like one. You probably purchase tons of pieces of clothing throughout the year, but maybe only one designer handbag every few years, if that. So I want to share some helpful tips and points to consider that I've learned before making your first or 10th purchase!

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#1: Budget & Save

This should go without saying, but I'm saying it. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. Determine what you want to spend on your first designer handbag. Not sure how much? Most average around $2,000, but you can definitely find some great handbags for less! Do not max out credit cards for a designer handbag. I personally love saving up for a bag I've been lusting over because it makes the purchase that much more special! It also helps deter me from impulse buying. Just put away what ever you can every month, maybe less Starbucks, a few more meals at home, or resale clothes you haven't worn in ages. It will add up fast!

#2: Style 

If you are purchasing your first designer bag, I would opt for something classic vs. trendy. This handbag should last you a lifetime, and beyond. You don't want your first major purchase of a designer handbag to be a style you'll be over in less than a year. It-Bags have become quite popular but tend to be too trendy. I've definitely made that mistake and have since sold those handbags. Think about silhouette, color, and brand. I would opt for a practical neutral shoulder bag/satchel from a timeless designer. Keep in mind that most designer handbags have mini, small, medium, and large sizes, so if there is a particular style you like, you'll more than likely be able to find it in your budget.

#3: Functionality

Chances are you're buying this bag to use almost every day. So functionality is essential. Out of all the designer handbags I have, 99% of the time I choose to carry my Celine Mini Belt bag because it's the most functional bag I own. However, if you're searching for an evening bag, or work bag, make sure it will hold all your essential items. When I'm looking at purchasing a new handbag, I always put my wallet, keys, phone, and lipstick in the bag I'm testing to see if everything will fit! I have found that some bags are too small to hold my phone.

#4: Retailer

highly recommend buying in-store. You need to hold the bag, try it on a few times, walk around with it, just make sure it feels "right" etc. Unless you know exactly what you want and trust the online retailer, in-store is my preferred method of buying. Also, make sure to purchase from stores with a great return policy in case something happens. And make sure you know what the return policy is! I have purchased my designer handbags from the designer boutique as well as online and in-store retailers. However, purchasing in-store is always my favorite. Tip: If you're a Nordstrom card holder, save your points days for this purchase. I bought my Givenchy Antigona and used my triple points day! It's worth researching ways you can benefit from such a large purchase.

#5: Ask a Friend

"Well, I mean you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you."
"I wouldn't?"
"Right. Oh, and it's the same with guys. Like, you may think you like someone, but you could be wrong."
(Mean Girls, 2004)

Your best friend knows you very well, and can help give you sound advice. Definitely ask their opinion on the style(s) you're considering. Going back to style, you might be drawn to something not-so-practical, so getting a second opinion could save you a lot of money and/or buyers remorse!

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  1. Kelsey said:
    Posted 8.30.18 · Reply

    What a great post! Very helpful! I’ve only purchased one really great designer bag before and am so glad I went with something timeless and classic.

    Xx, Kelsey

  2. Dominique said:
    Posted 9.6.18 · Reply

    THANK YOU!! I took your advice and hauled my butt to a neighbouring city to try out the Céline Mini Belt Bag. This advice has been invaluable!