Work From Home Office Setup and Productivity Checklist

About a month ago (or maybe sooner or maybe later!), the majority of the American workforce made a hard and fast pivot from working out of the office to working from home. Working out of my house isn’t new to me; I’ve been doing it for years now as I run the Fashion Jackson brand! But creating a Coronovirus work from home schedule is very different. Therefore, because I know it’s new territory for so many, so I wanted to offer my work from home tips and ideas to stay productive and focused.

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Keep a Similar Work Schedule 

The number one thing that helps me stay productive and focused while working from home is keeping a schedule. Since so many of you were probably thrown into this situation against your will, I can’t suggest keeping a schedule and/or routine enough! Even though the office is mere steps away, do what you can to separate “office” from home so you have some semblance of normalcy throughout the week.

Have a Dresscode

I know how easy it is to literally roll out of bed, throw on the nearest loungewear, and start your day. However, getting dressed for the day is such a simple and easy way to set yourself up for a WFH day. Even just putting on a comfy sweater, jeans, and sneakers or flats, helps get me focused and feeling like I’m truly at work.

Designate Office Space

Setting up shop on the kitchen table or even on the couch is so easy, but if you can, I suggest creating some sort of designated office space even if it’s makeshift as can be! Make a list of home office essentials to get started with — that will help you get an idea of what you have and what you need to buy. Having a space to truly call your own in regards to work is a productivity game changer. Investing in a simple desk and office chair will do wonders!

Stay Organized

Marie Kondo taught us best: Keep things tidy! The organization of your work space is not only imperative for a productive session, but tidiness also keeps your headspace in a clear perspective when it comes to the day's tasks and accomplishments. Get pens, post-its, notebooks, drawers, a tiered rolling cart! Anything that will make you feel organized.

Don't Forget to Take Breaks!

When you’re working from home, you’re naturally not moving around as much. Those quick walks to the water cooler and vending machine disappear, so it’s up to you to remind yourself to get up and move! Stand up and stretch, walk around your house for 5 minutes, or schedule daily walks to keep yourself moving and active. 

Eat Mindfully

Nothing productive gets accomplished after a tall stack of pancakes on a weekend morning, right? Well the same goes for the workday. Load up your kitchen with healthy snacks so you eat with nutritional intent and stay mindful of your nourishment throughout the day.

Required R&R

The best you gets a 15 minute walk in the morning and afternoon. Take time for you throughout the day.

Don't Forget to Turn Off

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you’re online 24/7. Set up boundaries with your work so you don’t end up online until all hours of the night. You start at 9 and “leave” at 6, no exceptions. Being able to separate work and home at the end of the day is imperative for you to unwind and recharge for the next work day.

Remember This is Temporary

Nothing lasts forever, and neither will this global pandemic. Although we’re not sure when things will return to normal, they will eventually. Make the most of this work from home time and remember that it’s only temporary, so enjoy the perks of it while you can! 

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  1. Young said:
    Posted 1.24.19 · Reply

    Love these tips! I’m going to try them on my work-from-home days.

    The Style Intermission

  2. Posted 1.25.19 · Reply

    Such great tips! I really need to start getting dressed everyday! I’m so guilty of just wearing workout clothes!

  3. Whitney said:
    Posted 4.6.20 · Reply

    Hi! Do you have that exact chair and is it comfortable if you sit in it all day?

  4. Madeline said:
    Posted 4.12.20 · Reply

    I’m crazy about your work. Thanx for all the inspo!