Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth It?

My love for sneakers has grown tenfold over the last year or so. I can barely keep track of how many cute designer sneakers I’ve purchased over the last year, and I’m always looking for a new pair! Golden Goose introduced me to the idea of “fancy” sneakers. I bought my first pair back in 2018 in Telluride and fell in love instantly.

Because Golden Goose sneakers are an investment (starting out at around $530 a pair), I wanted to break down everything I know about the Italian leather shoe brand and give you a general Golden Goose sneaker review. Besides being handmade in Italy, no two pairs being alike, and the iconic built-in wedge heel, there’s a lot to learn about the GG brand. Plus, they’re the type of shoe that is never going out of style, so let’s dive in!

Fashion Jackson Wearing Camel Coat Black Skinny Jeans Golden Goose Sneakers Outfit Chanel Black Boy Bag
Fashion Jackson Wearing Club Monaco Black Leather Jacket Grey Scarf Denim Skinny Jeans Golden Goose Sneakers Celine Mini Belt Bag
Fashion Jackson Wearing Oversized Denim Jacket Black Ripped Skinny Jeans Golden Goose Sneakers Casual Outfit Fall Outfit

What are the Different Styles of Golden Goose Sneakers

The most popular Golden Goose sneakers by far are the Super-Star. These are the ones you’ve probably seen the most when you’re out and about and checking out peoples’ feet! They were first launched in 2007 and would set the tone for the rest of the Golden Goose sneaker collection. The Purestar, Mid Star, and Ball Star are the other styles I see people wearing the most. There are 9 other styles of Golden Goose sneakers; Dad-Star, Francy, Hi Star, Running Sole, Slide, Stardan, Starter, V-Star and Yeah. 13 different styles of Golden Goose Sneakers all-in-all. And, of course, there’s the Private Edition that features four limited-edition, glitter Super-Star sneakers!

Fashion Jackson Wearing Jcrew Tan Coatigan White Sweater Ripped Jeans Golden Goose Sneakers
Fashion jackson Wearing denim jacket leopard midi skirt anine bing graphic tshirt golden goose sneakers
Fashion Jackson Wearing Tan Coatigan Anine Bing Vintage Eagle Tshirt Ripped Jeans Golden Goose Sneakers Vintage Chanel Black Handbag

How Do Golden Goose Sneakers Fit

Because these sneakers are made by hand and with high-quality, real Italian leather, Golden Goose sneakers are comfortable after the first few wears. They’re definitely the kind of shoe you need to break in, but it happens fast. As for what size Golden Goose to buy, for reference, I’m typically an 8.5 in US sizing and wear Golden Goose sneakers in a 38. The Golden Goose sneakers do not stretch—they keep their shape for years and years, which is what makes the investment so worth it!

Fashion Jackson Wearing Anine Bing Leopard Dress Golden Goose Sneakers
Fashion Jackson Wearing Black Dress Denim Jacket Golden Goose Sneakers Celine Belt Bag Street Style
Fashion Jackson Ganni Leopard dress denim jacket golden goose sneakers

How Much Are Golden Goose Sneakers

For the most popular, basic version of a Golden Goose sneaker (AKA the always amazing Super-Star), the price starts at $530 and goes up from there depending on the style you want. 

Where to Buy Golden Goose Sneakers on Sale

The best place to find Golden Goose sneakers on sale is! Can’t recommend it enough.

Fashion Jackson Wearing Everlane Black Sweater Everlane Black Skinny Jeans Denim Jacket Golden Goose Sneakers
Fashion Jackson Wearing Abercrombie Tan Fleece Pullover Black Leggings Golden Goose Sneakers
Fashion Jackson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Free People Afterglow Mock Neck Top White Tunic Sweater Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Dressing Room Outfits

How Do I Authenticate Golden Goose Sneakers

Be as thorough as you can if/when you ever come across an alleged pair of Golden Goose sneakers that claim to be the real deal. You’ll want to first study the iconic Golden Goose star to ensure nothing is off there, then you can move onto the sides, the overall quality, and even the insoles and soles. This is a super helpful article you can use to learn more about spotting the real thing!

How Long Do Golden Goose Sneakers Take to Break In

It shouldn’t take more than a few wears to feel comfortable in your Golden Goose sneakers and, of course, they only get better with time! Personally, I really don't need to break any of them in at this point. I've had numerous styles and I think my feet are just used to the way they fit!

Fashion Jackson Golden Goose Sneakers
Fashion Jackson Golden Goose Super-Star Private Edition Woven Sneakers
Fashion Jackson Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers Tan Suede Black Star

How Do You Style Golden Goose Sneakers

This is what I love so much about these designer sneakers—they literally go with everything. You can wear Golden Goose sneakers with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses—there is no limit to the amount of outfits you can dress with them! All you need is the best no show socks to wear with your Golden Goose, and you are good to go on the outfit front.

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth It

This depends entirely on your own personal taste and budget. Personally, because I wear sneakers almost daily, investing in Golden Goose sneakers has always been worth it to me. While they’re popular, they’re all so unique and stand the test of time in quality.

I say, go for it—get yourself a pair of Golden Goose shoes!

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  1. Cait said:
    Posted 8.31.18 · Reply

    I’ve been wanting them for a year now but it hurts me to pay $400+ for sneakers. After reading your article I want to go to the nearest Nordstrom so I can try them on and finally get them. I love following you in social media!! You have great style and taste! Xoxo

  2. SusanW said:
    Posted 10.20.18 · Reply

    FYI, just ordered a pair via MyTheresa. They offer a 10% off for new purchasers.

  3. StyleDahlia said:
    Posted 12.4.18 · Reply

    Thank you for the article. I just ordered my first pair. Fingers crossed they fit.

  4. Brittany said:
    Posted 1.26.19 · Reply

    Do you have the platform or the lower sneakers. I can’t decide which to get!

  5. Lindsey said:
    Posted 1.27.19 · Reply

    I’ve had my pair for a few months, and I have to say I don’t love them. I like them, but only bc they are super trendy and look good but aren’t the most comfy shoes for 400$. I will try another pair that are high tops, hope they’re better!

  6. Nicole said:
    Posted 2.19.19 · Reply

    They look amazing on you but I don’t think I can swing the price. Do you have a “second favorite” sneaker recommendation? Thanks!

    • Posted 2.20.19 · Reply

      Thank you! Try P448, I have a pair and they are just as comfortable and half the price of Golden Goose.

  7. Victoria said:
    Posted 3.2.19 · Reply

    Hi! I’m wondering if based on your post and shoe size selection if they run big. I’m always between a 6.5 and 7 – depending on the brand, and not sure if I should go for a size 36 or 37. Any thoughts?

    • Posted 3.7.19 · Reply

      I don’t think they run big – I would suggest ordering both pairs and returning the pair that doesn’t fit best. Just to make sure you get the right fit!

  8. Kierstyn said:
    Posted 3.6.19 · Reply

    This post was so exciting to read about! I loved the layout how you started off with your honest opinion and showed the different outfits you wear those sneakers with. I also liked how you showed each different item you’re wearing with where you bought the item! I always wear the same converse shoes and would love to try a new pair. Even though these may be a little pricy, I think they are pretty good looking sneakers. I enjoy all the different colors and patterns these come in because it’s always good to have multiple options. This post got me really excited to look into purchasing these shoes! I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts.

    • Posted 3.7.19 · Reply

      Thank you so much! The shoes are seriously my favorite – you will love them!

  9. Posted 3.28.19 · Reply

    I am looking into buying some GGDB sneakers and I am wondering if I should but the high tops or the normal ones. Do you think that high tops would go with less outfits? what are your thoughts on the more out going colored sneakers that they have? will they go with many outfits—or would it be a waste to get bright outgoing shoes? (I am reserved when it comes to clothes, but I am in love with some blue/purple GGBD high top sneakers!!

  10. April said:
    Posted 4.17.19 · Reply

    I have been wearing them for years it kind of stinks to see how mainstream they have become but I love them so much and have over ten pairs of them bc they are literally all I wear! Def worth the money imo

  11. roch said:
    Posted 5.25.19 · Reply

    Thanks for the review! I noticed that you actually sized down rather than following GG’s advice to size down (8.5 to 38). Did you find that the toe box was a bit stiff/tight at first and if so do you feel that they gave a bit after wear? I’m a 5.5 and when I tried the 36 the heels were slipping and when I tried the 35, my big toe felt a bit squashed.

    • Posted 5.30.19 · Reply

      They were a tad tight, but relaxed after 1-2 wears!

  12. Stephanie Wolvert said:
    Posted 8.14.19 · Reply

    Hi Amy….wanting your advice. I bought the GG Superstar sneakers. I usually wear a 9 in sneakers, but the 39, my toes go right to the edge. I worry a 40 would be way too big. Do you find that they stretch at all? Thanks.

    • Posted 8.14.19 · Reply

      Hi! They relax, but they definitely won’t stretch out a ton…my toes are pretty close to the edge too, but I think I’m just used to it at this point!

  13. Anon said:
    Posted 10.28.19 · Reply

    You should not need to break these in at all. Think you need a 39.

    • Posted 10.28.19 · Reply

      I tried on the 39 and I like the way the 38 fit better

  14. Holli said:
    Posted 7.30.20 · Reply

    Could you tell me what Golden Goose sneakers you are wearing from your August 30,2018 post?

  15. Christy Lemire said:
    Posted 11.19.20 · Reply

    Love my GGs! I have the first pair you have pictured up top, with the silver stars. First time I’ve ever spent that much money on any kind of shoe, ever, but they’re so cute and comfortable and they really go with everything. I’m usually a 6 or 6.5 and I got a size 36 and they fit perfectly out of the box. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. DVB said:
    Posted 11.19.20 · Reply

    I fell in love with them, too, after seeing you rock them! So worth the investment! Keep up all the great GGDB to forever keep me stoked on them!

  17. DVB said:
    Posted 11.19.20 · Reply

    Always great inspiration and it makes me love them even more! Your style is effortlessly American and French and I LOVE IT! Thanks for keeping me stoked on GGDB and styling!

  18. Rebecca said:
    Posted 11.19.20 · Reply

    Love! I finally sprung for my first pair bc of your post, and then immediately bought 2 more pairs Thanks for the inspo!

  19. Christine said:
    Posted 11.19.20 · Reply

    I already own a pair of the superstar sneakers and love them!!! Do you own any of the high top styles?? Do you love those also? I have been wanting to get a pair 🙂

    • Posted 11.27.20 · Reply

      I have a pair of high tops! Love them, but I wear the superstars more!

  20. Lauren Bessell said:
    Posted 11.19.20 · Reply

    I noticed you don’t have any of the mid golden gooses. What are your thoughts on those?

    • Posted 11.27.20 · Reply

      I finally got a pair! Love them, but superstars are still my favorite!

  21. Posted 11.20.20 · Reply

    They are the shoes that go well with almost every outfit! Thank for an informative post!

  22. Posted 11.20.20 · Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing about this brand. I feel the already-done “wear and tear” is really impressive

  23. Cassie mayatte said:
    Posted 11.22.20 · Reply

    They are absolutely worth every penny. I have 3 pies and wear them ALL the time! Comfy and stylish – they go with literally everything.

  24. Lynsey Kmetz said:
    Posted 12.29.20 · Reply

    Hi – Can you re-post your video on how to tie your GG? I love mine this way and just purchased a new pair. I’d like to replicate!! Thanks!

  25. Erin pollock said:
    Posted 1.4.21 · Reply

    Just indulged in the running sole style – haven’t tried yet, have u? Wondering your review (hoping positive because I’m anxiously awaiting lol!)

  26. Sarah said:
    Posted 1.31.21 · Reply

    Can I ask what socks (if any) you wear with these? I just bought a pair and love them but I hate that my socks show through. Any tips?

  27. Jan said:
    Posted 4.4.21 · Reply

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know I like your posts/style and you turned me on to Jenni Kayne sweaters!! Have a great day!

  28. Stacey said:
    Posted 4.9.21 · Reply

    How do you knot the laces?

  29. caroline said:
    Posted 5.31.21 · Reply

    Hello i have 200 gift card to Nordstroms would you save for Golden goose or get the new Sam edleman ones or Veja i am a size 14 working in the fashion industry at 58 trying to look chic like you