My Carryon Essentials

When I travel, I always have the same items in my carryon. It makes for more efficient packing, as well as keeps me organized. By packing the same items in my carryon for each trip, it prevents me from forgetting the essential items. I always use my Goyard tote (full review on the bag here). Its so roomy and easy to carry, so I love this for travel. I also keep my beauty products, skincare, and toiletries in my tote. The reason for this is, I hate slowing down the security line by taking these items out of my suitcase (when only traveling with a carryon), its so much easier/faster unpacking them from the tote. This makeup case has been one of my favorite travel purchases; it keeps my makeup so organized. I also love using these truffle cases. The large case is used for all my cords and the small case is for my skincare products. Last, are my headphones and laptop. I can easily fit everything and the tote isn’t too heavy to carry all day!