My Everyday Jewelry & Stories Behind My Wedding Rings and Dainty Gold Jewelry

Recently, I've been asked tons of questions about my jewelry. It's rare that I will wear all these pieces at once, but as with everything, there are some go-to pieces that I won't take off. Some of these items I've had for years, and others are fairly new; Some were gifted or milestone pieces, as well as investment items, or just fun fashion jewelry. I've assembled a list of the essentials here, but there are some that I remove and others I don't. Keep reading to find out a little more about each pieces from my everyday jewelry and a discount code at the end for Miranda Frye jewelry!

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Fashion Jackson Jewelry
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Fashion: You guys ask about my gold beaded bracelets more than anything! I have two that I wear everyday, the London, which are the smaller beads, and the Fashion Jackson, which are the larger beads. They are both from Miranda Frye so you can use code FJ10 for a discount! I rarely take these bracelets off, really only for the gym. I shower/sleep in them and they still look new! My newest ones from Miranda Frye are the Amy, Peyton and Meggan! These are all stunning pieces to add to any stack. We can't forget about the best tennis bracelet for under $15 from Amazon! I get so many compliments and the quality is really quite nice (FYI I don't shower in this one).

Investment: My most recent investment bracelets have been the diamond bezel braceletdiamond bangle (size 17) from Ring Concierge as well as the beaded chain and chain link by Adina Reyter (via Emerson Grace).

Milestone: My Cartier Love bracelet was a piece I knew I would have to buy myself if I wanted it. Not only was it an investment, but it was purchased as a milestone piece. I had my first Instagram takeover on the account in 2017 and it was a HUGE achievement for me personally & professionally. While some might think it's silly that I bought myself a Love bracelet, I think it's extremely meaningful that I rewarded myself after an incredible accomplishment. I'm planning to have the inside engraved with "fashion jackson". I have never taken this bracelet off. I wear size 17.


Fashion Jackson Miranda Frye Jewelry
Fashion Jackson Miranda Frye Bracelets
Fashion Jackson Rolex Watch Cartier Bracelet Ring Concierge Bracelets

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Fashion: The best fashion necklace you will ever buy is this bezel pendant from Amazon for $13! I've had it for almost a year and and it still looks new! The other one I wear with it daily is the Bezel Bar necklace from Dana Rebecca. Recently, Dana Rebecca gifted me this Double Bezel necklace and I think its the perfect delicate layering addition! This large link necklace was another purchase from Emerson Grace, I actually love wearing the clasp at the front to give more dimension to the layers!

Investment: I have been falling in love with Adina Reyter and her gorgeous pieces. I bought this dog tag necklace from Emerson Grace and I'm obsessed with the look! It pairs so well with my other styles and will be great in the spring/summer dressing up a white t-shirt.

Fashion Jackson Jewelry
Fashion Jackson Jewelry

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Sentimental: I have always dreamed of having a Rolex watch, and professionally 2019 was my best year ever. This was a piece I got at the end of the year rewarding my hard work. I think it is important to reward yourself, no matter the size. Setting goals, achieving them, learning from them, are all things to be proud of. This is a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 in Yellow Rolesor and features a champagne-colour dial and an Oyster bracelet.

Fashion/Function: I partnered with Garmin last year with the launch of their new Vivomove Luxe watch, which is actually a smart watch! Its the chicest smartwatch I have ever seen and its functionality is superb. You can read this post explaining why I love my Garmin Vivomove watch so much. I wear the 42mm in Gold with the white leather band or black leather band for daily wear, or the black silicone band for activities including fitness.

Fashion Jackson Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 Gold Silve Cartier Love Bracelet Gold Miranda Frye Beaded Bracelet

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Everyday: I got this pair of CZ studs (6 ct/gold) a few months before my wedding and I ended up loving them so much, they have become my daily pair! I used to wear a pair of real diamond stud earrings, but I was always worried about losing them I decided to put away and save for special occasions. I'm obsessed with this CZ pair, they look great and I always get compliments on them! And just to offer an alternative option, I bought this 5ct pair from Amazon and wear them more than the Nordstrom pair! They are SO good!

Fashion: For days I want to switch it up, the Ansley studs from Miranda Frye are my go-to. Use code FJ10 for a discount. I love that they are still similar to "diamond" studs, but they are a little more elevated and fun.

Investment: I do have a pair of vintage Chanel earrings (similar here) that I bought from What Goes Around Comes Around at the beginning on 2018. I only wear them on special occasions, or when I feel like dressing up a t-shirt and pair of jeans. I think everyone needs vintage jewelry at some point, and Chanel is definitely the way to go! I know they are not pictured, but they are definitely worth mentioning.

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Fashion: On my right hand ring finger I have a plain gold cable ring from David Yurman, a thin gold Cartier Love ring (no diamonds), and a baguette diamond eternity ring from Dana Rebecca (gifted). I like having the two stacked together, I think it's a fun way to wear the pieces. I also have a few Ring Concierge styles I like to alternate wearing. The first is the Triple Row Diamond Claw Ring (gifted). I love pinky rings, I think they have such a cool vibe. Next is the Graduated Single Prong Ring (gifted). I alternate this between my thumb and index finger just depending on what I feel like. And last is the Inlay Diamond ring. This one I wear on my left hand index finger or paired with my David Yurman diamond cable ring. Stacking rings is such an easy and fun way to mix up the look. I definitely recommend getting this ring sizer from Ring Concierge so you know exactly what size to order!

Milestone: On my right hand middle finger I wear this David Yurman diamond/cable ring. I bought it as a gift to myself when I hit 100K followers on Instagram. I love looking at it as a reminder of how hard I've worked. I think it pairs so well with the other two rings on that hand.

Investment: On my left hand middle finger I have a pave diamond eternity ring made of yellow diamonds set in yellow gold. It almost looks like a gold band, but when you get close you can see all the delicate yellow diamonds. Its perfect for stacking or wearing solo. I purchased this from a local jewelry store, but I did find some similar on Etsy.

Sentimental: I honestly didn't want to share my wedding rings, just because they are so personal, but I get asked about them so much. For my engagement ring, I have a radiant cut diamond with a pave stone halo and band (please don't ask for size/cut/clarity). My wedding band is a petite emerald cut eternity band. It is low profile so it fits perfectly under my engagement ring without getting in the way. I wear this thin gold band between the two rings for a more fun/fashion look. I love how it mixes in gold with the platinum.

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  1. Young said:
    Posted 1.18.19 · Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. I got some great gift ideas from it.

    The Style Intermission

  2. Katherine said:
    Posted 1.19.19 · Reply

    Love it!! And the Cartier Love Bracelet purchase isn’t silly at all! My sister has always been a proponent of investing in that bracelet for yourself because “you should love yourself first. You’re the only one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.”

    • Posted 1.20.19 · Reply

      That is such a good point! I definitely agree with your sister 🙂

  3. Randi said:
    Posted 2.3.19 · Reply

    This was great! Especially in regards to the Cartier Love Bracelet as I have been contemplating buying myself one because the last year has been a massive focus on being kind to me. Thought this would be a good way to mark what I have accomplished and yet be a constant reminder to give myself a break. I was actually going to directly message you to ask about it! Super timely!!

  4. Gee said:
    Posted 2.10.19 · Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Question, are your diamond studs 1 carat referring to total weight or single stud? Curious for size reference 🙂

  5. Meagan said:
    Posted 2.17.19 · Reply

    Hi. What size is your Love bracelet?

  6. Kelly Moreland said:
    Posted 3.29.19 · Reply

    What size mm is your Love bracelet? Is it tighter fit or looser? I’m torn on which size (mm) to get.

    • Kelly Moreland said:
      Posted 3.29.19 · Reply

      Sorry, I see its a 17. Is it looser or tighter on you?

    • Posted 3.29.19 · Reply

      The Cartier store fits it exactly to your wrist. I suggest going and getting what’s right for you.

  7. Ame said:
    Posted 5.15.19 · Reply

    Well done! It is definitely not silly to have bought that bracelet for yourself. I am actually thinking of buying one for myself so that every time I wear it, it will remind me that I am worth it and that I deserve it.

  8. Posted 10.29.19 · Reply

    Awesome collections very impressive and stylish

  9. Sarah said:
    Posted 3.20.20 · Reply

    Great post! In the Ansley, are you wearing the silver or gold?

  10. Posted 3.20.20 · Reply

    So beautiful! I’d love to check them out!

  11. Posted 3.20.20 · Reply

    Among all those gorgeous things, I love YOU the most!!!

  12. Sara Gwaltney said:
    Posted 4.1.20 · Reply

    how do you like not having your wedding rings soldered? I’ve gone back and forth and for our 20 yr i took my original stone and replaced bands (my others needed to be built back up etc so I decided to save them for my daughters) I am itching to have them taken apart!!

    • Posted 4.1.20 · Reply

      Just a personal preference! I’ve never wanted soldered rings b/c I like the option to wear one over the other if needed. Sometimes I just like to wear my band and not the engagement ring, or visa versa.

  13. At said:
    Posted 4.15.20 · Reply

    Would you mind sharing the shop that you got your 1.5mm gold band ring from? I’m on the hunt for one and would appreciate any recos!

    • Posted 4.15.20 · Reply

      It was custom made, but this one is similar.

      • At said:
        Posted 4.16.20 · Reply

        Don’t think the link came thru 🙁 please share again

        • Posted 4.20.20 · Reply

          in the previous comment click on the words “this one” its a link

          • At said:
            Posted 4.23.20 ·

            ah sorry! see it now, thank you!

  14. Posted 4.23.20 · Reply

    Hello. Thank you for sharing your Classic and timeless jewelry collection. I’m so inspired by you purchasing your Cartier love bracelet and Rolex Watch to celebrate business milestones. Congratulations! I’m an aspiring blogger and pray to be able to do the same!

  15. Molly said:
    Posted 5.3.20 · Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Earrings are my favorite and I never know the right size for everyday. This makes it easier to browse online. Interesting that Nordstrom lists the same diameter for yours and your bridesmaids gift…XOXO

  16. Claudia Joseph said:
    Posted 7.8.20 · Reply

    Hi Amy, Do you have a link to any dupes of the Cartier bracelet? Something that gives you the same look. Nothing that looks like a fake one or replica..Thanks!

  17. Tara said:
    Posted 8.23.20 · Reply

    Hi! Any chance you have a discount code for Garmin you can share?

  18. Stacy said:
    Posted 9.8.20 · Reply

    Thank you for sharing this post. 🙂 My college-age daughter LOVES your site/style and your everyday jewelry pieces will make great Christmas gifts. Also, thanks for posting such great classic looks.
    **Welcome to the South! Hope you love it as much as we do!!**