How to Shop for Discounted Designer Items on eBay

Fashion Jackson Wearing White Ruffle Dress in Closet Office Designer Handbag Designer Shoes
Fashion Jackson Designer Handbag Designer Shoes Closet

It’s no secret that I love designer shoes and handbags. I don’t necessarily love the price tag that comes with them, but I do enjoy investing in pieces that are timeless and I know I will wear over and over. I get so many questions from you guys asking about my handbag & shoe collection, specifically when I talk about how to find them for less. That’s right. Just because they are designer items, doesn’t mean you have to spend full-price. In fact, some of my favorite designer bags and shoes are pre-loved, and I couldn’t be more happy with them! And that’s where eBay comes in. 

eBay is always my first destination when I’m considering a new designer item. Whether it’s a new handbag for the season, a hard-to-find pair of shoes in my size, or even something that has been sold out for a long time (i.e. Celine sunglasses), eBay seriously has it all. Anytime I'm considering a designer investment, I always stop and ask myself a few questions. Do I need it to be brand new from the direct retailer, or can I compromise and look for alternative options. Maybe the item has been previously-loved or it’s brand new, just discounted coming from another seller.. Either way, I know I can shop with confidence using eBay for my designer purchases. 

Fashion Jackson Designer Handbags Designer Shoes Chanel Hermes Christian Louboutin Dior Gucci

With summer drawing to an end and fall right around the corner, I’m looking to update my wardrobe this season with a few new pieces, including another Chanel bag. I love how easy it is to sort through eBay, find authenticated handbags, filter by brand, color, price, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. And if you aren’t familiar with the eBay Authenticated Program - this is where you can shop confidently for your designer pieces because they are 100% backed by eBay. Read more about that here.

It’s incredibly easy to search, discover, and purchase fashion items that have a money back guarantee on eBay:

  • Begin searching for your new designer items here
  • If you know what you’re looking for, great! You can also use the filters to select the brand and or price range that fits your needs
  • Once you find an item that catches your eye, shop with confidence as the product page is backed with an eBay money back guarantee

Saving money has never been so stylish and easy this season. So do yourself a favor and head to eBay for your designer deals to upgrade your wardrobe.

Fashion Jackson Wearing White Ruffle Dress Designer Handbag Designer Shoes Closet

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