You Can Wear White After Labor Day and Here’s How

A long time ago, someone somewhere started a faux fashion rule about not being able to wear white after Labor Day. Actually, if you want to know the true origin of the no white after Labor Day rule, this is what Google told me: “It dates back to the late 1800s, when old-money socialites were trying to distinguish (and elevate) themselves from the younger, new-money crowd. Avoiding this fashion faux pas was a way to fit in with the upper class.” Seems super elitist to me, so I’m glad to see it go!

Nowadays, not only are white jeans acceptable after Labor Day, but because there are so many cute fall outfits with white jeans to wear, they should be a staple in your fall/winter wardrobe!

Whereas summer whites are bright and airy and barely-there, winter whites are a bit heavier, cozier, and completely appropriate well into the colder months. Today, I’m sharing white jeans to wear now and plenty of ways to wear them!

White Jeans for Wear Now

White Jeans with Blazers

White Jeans with Sweaters

White Jeans with Outerwear

White Jeans

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  1. Natali said:
    Posted 9.16.16 · Reply

    Always looking so classy and simply breathtaking! Top notch!

  2. Posted 9.16.16 · Reply

    So chic! I really love this look!

  3. Jenn Lake said:
    Posted 9.17.16 · Reply

    Love this look on you, lady! Looks like you have a blast at NYFW!

  4. Donna Khattar said:
    Posted 9.30.20 · Reply

    Hi Amy,
    I recently found your blog and love your fashion style.
    Would you be willing to do a post on hairstyles? Specifically, sleek ponytail, chignon, messy updo and beachy waves.
    Your hair always looks elegant, but not fussy.
    Thank you! Donna

  5. Vanessa said:
    Posted 9.30.20 · Reply

    Love this sweater! On the Everlane site, it looks see through on the model are you wearing any type of shell underneath or just a bra?

  6. Posted 10.1.20 · Reply

    Everlane looks never go out of style! Such classic pieces, love this look.

  7. Brianna said:
    Posted 10.2.20 · Reply

    I love these whites together!
    Brianna |