Lululemon Legging Fabric Guide: Breaking Down My Favorite Leggings

lululemon is my favorite athletic wear line, I think that much is clear! I get so excited every time I shop there because I know I’m gonna walk away with some incredible, high-quality piece to add to my growing arsenal of workout wear. Now that my home gym is ready to go, I’m getting back into the swing of things full force, which means I’ll be reaching for all the lululemon when it’s gym time!

lululemon offers a wide variety of some of the most popular leggings out there. While they all may seem similar at first glance, the fabric and appearance of each offer different styles so I wanted to share a full lululemon leggings review with you all. We can call it a lululemon material guide! 

Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the best lululemon leggings as well as all the different types of lululemon fabric. I’ll be covering the most popular lululemon leggings, the lululemon fabric that doesn’t pill, the lululemon leggings with the back zipper, and more! Here’s a short list of all the different leggings you’ll find in this post:

Editor's Note: I wear size 4 in all lululemon leggings.

1. Align Leggings: Nulu Fabric

The Nulu fabric is what the beloved Align leggings are made of, and it truly feels like butter on your skin. If you’re into feeling like you basically don’t have pants on at all, this material is your best option. Not only is it breathable, but it stretches in every single way so you can move even more limberly (AKA you’ll be the newest yoga star). And if I'm ever out running errands, nine time out of ten, I'm wearing my Align leggings.

Body: 80% Nylon / 20% Lycra® elastane

2. Wunder Under: Luxtreme Fabric

The Luxtreme fabric is what my personal favorite lululemon leggings are made of—the Wunder Under. Whether you’re running, lifting, or doing yoga, the Luxtreme fabric is breathable, sweat-wicking, and super smooth with a cool handfeel, which feels amazing on the skin. The biggest plus, though, is how high-waisted they are! That high coverage really makes all the difference when you’re pulling them on to workout. Hands down my favorite leggings!

Body:69% Nylon, 31% Lycra® elastane

3. Wunder Under: Luon Fabric

The OG of the Wunder Under leggings. The Luon Fabric is soft to touch, sweat-wicking, with maximum support and coverage. Perfect for training, yoga, or lounging, these leggings do it all. Please note, due to the fabric composition, after wash/dry they will attract lint so have your lint roller ready!

4. Wunder Train: Everlux Fabric

Not to be confused with Wunder Under leggings, the Wunder Train are their own style of legging and moving high up on my list of favorites. Made from lululemon's popular Everlux fabric, the fastes drying fabric, these leggings are perfect for training. They are ultra-breathable, wicks sweat away, soft on the outside yet cool and sleek on the inside. These are leggings that just feel great no matter what you're wearing them for.

Body: 77% Nylon, 23% Lycra® elastane

5. Swift Speed: Luxtreme Fabric

Looking for the perfect legging for running? Look no further than the Swift Speed. These leggings as reliable as your favorite run route. Featured with to side drop in pockets, a secure back pocket, continuous drawcord, and reflective details. The best part, no inseam to keep your stride smooth. The Luxtreme fabric provides great support and coverage with the most compression out of all the leggings, all while keeping a smooth and cool feel.

lululemon Leggings

Photos: Arielle Levy

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  1. Posted 3.8.20 · Reply

    Align Pant II 25” fit tight against my body without squeezing me in the wrong places. Feel great and super supportive.

  2. Lisa Riley said:
    Posted 3.9.20 · Reply

    Do you have a link for the sneakers?

  3. Angelica said:
    Posted 7.30.20 · Reply

    Who knew there were so many types. Cant decide, they all sound great

    XX Angelica