Surprise! Goodbye San Diego, Hello Nashville!

I honestly don't even know where to start because I'm SO excited to finally share this news with you guys! We are moving to Nashville! It has been SUCH a long time coming, and it's been so hard keeping this from you guys! I'm sure you're thinking a million things right now like, why, how, when, etc, so let's just get to it!

The Backstory

Back in May of 2018, Will and I moved to San Diego, which is where I'm originally from. I missed being near my family, and was looking for a change since I had lived in Dallas for nearly 10 years. We knew when we moved to San Diego it wasn't permanent. We decided we would travel, and take time to figure out where we wanted to lay roots. We are lucky and work from home, so we have the opportunity to really pick anywhere! Like most when making a decision we wrote down our wants/needs and just started making a list of places we were interested in. So last spring, we decided to start visiting some of the locations on our list. The first one being Nashville.

Last July Will and I decided to go visit some friends who had recently moved to Nashville. We thought it was the perfect time to see them, tour one of the cities we were interested in, and have a long week to explore over the holiday. Honestly as soon as we flew over the city and Will saw all the lush green trees I'm pretty sure I saw heart eyes on his face. We spent the first day exploring, driving around neighborhoods and taking in all the city had to offer. Nashville really shined for us that week. We had the best time and I remember us both looking at each other and being like, this is it. We didn't need to visit anywhere else.

Why Nashville?

So, what put Nashville on the list to begin with? Well, we knew we wanted to be near family and Nashville is close to a lot of Will's family, so checked that box. We also have a lot of mutual friends that live in Nashville, so it's comforting to know we will already have a community when we move. As much as we love the beautiful sunny weather San Diego has to offer, we actually REALLY miss the seasons. However, I don't like harsh winters, so we needed somewhere a little more mild. I lived in Lincoln, NE for a portion of my childhood, so I'm good with not having those long snowy winters. Finally, we wanted somewhere new, that neither of us had ever lived. Something that we could explore together. Nashville checked all the boxes.

The Search Begins

Since we basically knew in July that Nashville was where we wanted to move, we had to start thinking about our timeline. We had a wedding coming up in late September, the honeymoon lasting through mid October, as well as some trips already booked in November. I didn't want to move during the holidays, so we decided we would start at the new year. Over Thanksgiving we were visiting family in Tennessee, so we took a few extra days to visit Nashville again as well as meet with a realtor we had been in touch with weeks prior. We were able to do more exploring in areas we hadn't visited on our July trip and even walked some houses! This really helped us to know what to look for, especially since we were living in a different state.

Finding THE House

At the beginning of the year I became obsessed with house hunting. I pretty much knew everything that was on the market in the areas we were interested in and patiently waiting for an email alert for THE HOUSE. We knew we had to get back to Nashville to walk the houses we were really interested in, so we made a list of about eight and booked a few days with our realtor. What you guys don't know is that we secretly went to Nashville for 48 hours to see the houses in person. The Cliff's Notes version, the first house we walked I fell in love with. It was in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by trees, had so much potential for renovations, and it just felt like a home. After walking that one, we were able to cross a few others off the list and we spent the rest of the day looking at the remaining houses. We actually fell in love with another house and were so torn (at least I was!). And that was that. We flew back to San Diego and had a lot to think about.

The Offer

After A LOT and I mean A LOT of thinking/reviewing/praying, the house we were nearly set on by the end of the visit fell off our list and the first house we visited became our top choice. I won't get into the details about why the second house wasn't our pick anymore, other than it just wasn't the right house. We called our relator and let them know the house we wanted to make an offer on and within 24 hours the owners accepted! We. Were. Thrilled. Honestly I think I was in shock. I couldn't believe it! We had been waiting for this moment for SO LONG and it was finally happening! 

The Move

I'm sure you're wondering when we are moving and how all this is happening with everything going on right now. We were very lucky and able to negotiate a longer closing period, so we won't be moving until late June. We are confident as things are beginning to open back up here in San Diego and Nashville, that the move will be a safe one for us. Don't worry, we are still being very cautious following CDC best practices and social distancing. 

We are so very excited to start this next chapter as a family, and I can't wait for you to follow along and share this journey with you all!

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  1. Meredith said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    Would love to know more details about your house hunting! My husband and I are moving from NYC to Nashville in June as well and I am already overwhelmed!

  2. Jana said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    So exciting!! We also love Nashville! Congratulations!!

  3. lindsey said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    yay congrats!

  4. Liz said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    I’m so happy for you. It’s so exciting (and a little scary) to pack up and move to a new city. Have so much fun picking out everything for the new house!

  5. Lynn said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    I am so thrilled to hear that you’re coming to Nashville. My husband and I moved here permanently three years ago. We love this glorious city!
    Would love to meet you when you get here.

  6. Alicia said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    I am so happy for both od you. Congratulation!!!!

  7. Diane Rydecki said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    This is so awesome! Nashville is a great place. I have relatives there so we have visited many times. I tip: Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is a great place for a celebratory dinner. Save room for the ricotta donuts for dessert!

    • Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

      Thank you!! I will DEF have to go there, sounds delicious!

  8. Cindy said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    Congratulations, Amy! I’m sure you guys will be really happy in Nashville.

  9. Teresa McNeal said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    Congrats I too just recently moved me and my family to Nashville back in September I love it here and I’m closer to family that lives in surrounding areas. It’s so many opportunities here congrats and good luck on your move!

  10. Jamie Long said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    Amy!! Congratulations, such an exciting time in your lives! Can’t wait to read more about it and see more of the new home!

  11. Bobby G said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    Congrats! Nashville native here. It’s a great place to call home. The Nashville subreddit is very active, and a great place to ask questions and get answers! Amazing music, food and no income tax!

  12. Patti Wiedman said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    I have lived in Nashville or surrounding area mt entire life. It’s a wonderful place to call home but please remember to assimilate and enjoy the southern ways of life. Make a few new friends who are native to the area and it will be a smooth and simple transition. My husband is a native of Philadelphia,Pa and has had a lot of changes to make in our 25 years together. Sometimes very interesting and even comical. I really just want to welcome you to Tennessee and hope your new life is wonderful here!

  13. Terri said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    Congratulations! I just left there in February.

  14. Chris said:
    Posted 5.15.20 · Reply

    After reading your article, “Surprise! Goodbye San Diego, Hello Nashville!” Makes me really want to pick your brain on making the move to San Diego, since I’m thinking about moving out that way. I currently live about 45min from Nashville, and am thinking about moving to San Diego. Which parts of San Diego give you the feel of city life, easy public transportation, but also gives you the feel of independent place, of course without the high HOA fees; any suggestions.

  15. Lee Stearns said:
    Posted 5.16.20 · Reply

    That’s so exciting! Do it while you’re young!
    Nashville’s a great City! Be sure to visit my friend Anna who owns an incredible store named “It’s Inviting”- she’ll be your new “best friend”! She’s an amazing gal and you seem much like her!

    Good luck and God bless you! I look forward to following your journey! We love to visit Nashville too!

  16. Christy Leigh said:
    Posted 5.16.20 · Reply

    This is so Wonderfilul to hear as We are also moving from Washington state to Nashville, TN. in Mid July. What part of Nashville are you moving to?

    We will be moving to the Antioch area.

    My daughter moved there last September as she manages a Country band Dylan Jacobsen and when I came to visit I fell in love with Nashville and decided to move there as well!!!

    I would love to stay in touch with you and find out how your move goes and let you know how our move goes.

    Take care and stay safe and healthy!

    Yours Truly,

    Christy Leigh

  17. Uzma said:
    Posted 5.16.20 · Reply

    Congratulations! So neat to learn how you made the decision and looking forward to your move and Nashville life 🙂

  18. Cynthia said:
    Posted 5.16.20 · Reply

    Welcome! So excited to hear you’re moving to my town! I LOVE Nashvegas! I’ve lived here longer than anywhere and wouldn’t live anywhere else! Raised our family here and everyone wants to come back! It’s just THE BEST!!! Hope you will ask me any and all questions. I live in Green Hills and I don’t think your too far away. Jeff Ruby’s is wonderful, but so are A LOT of other places. Just a great city! Come on!!!!

  19. Carol Tubbs said:
    Posted 5.16.20 · Reply

    I’m looking forward to making those chocolate chip cookies

  20. Amanda said:
    Posted 5.16.20 · Reply

    As a born and raised Nashvillian and someone that has lived in NYC, London, and Singapore… I can honestly say Nashville is hands down the most amazing city and you will love it. Cant wait to watch your home reno!

  21. Allison said:
    Posted 5.16.20 · Reply

    How exciting! If you have bought an old home (100+ years) in Nashville, I would just beg that you don’t rip out original features/walls. Sorry – just an old house lover and it’s awful to see things taken out that can never be replaced 🙂 I hope you love your new home and welcome!

  22. Anne Stephens said:
    Posted 5.17.20 · Reply

    Welcome to TN:) It’s a great state to live in!

  23. Susan Carne said:
    Posted 5.17.20 · Reply

    So happy for you and Will. My daughter’s friend lives in Nashville and is married to Roman Josi the Nashville predator’s captain. They love it there and I’m sure you will too.
    Keep blogging about your journey and post pics of. your decorating. Will. you go more transitional then your San Diego home?

  24. Rodlyn Owens said:
    Posted 5.17.20 · Reply

    Congrats to you! I lived in Franklin for a short time and absolutely loved it there. The people are amazing. Praying for your move!

  25. Vickie Lester said:
    Posted 5.18.20 · Reply

    Congratulations on the new chapter in lives! I too fell in love with Nashville as I went there for the first time as a traveling nurse.I was born in Memphis,raised in Mississippi,and spent most of my life in IL. I returned to IN for a relationship and lower taxes. I miss TN very much & will most likely return.

  26. Beign said:
    Posted 5.22.20 · Reply

    As a new reader who lives in Nashville, I am excited to read your future content of living in Nashville! Congratulations on your house purchase and upcoming move.

  27. Tammi said:
    Posted 5.29.20 · Reply

    Awesome!! You’re going to LOVE it!!

  28. Lili said:
    Posted 6.10.20 · Reply

    Good luck in the next chapter of your life. I can’t wait to see your new place and follow along. I have heard of a lot of people recently making the move to Nashville.
    Take care.