IMG_6265 IMG_6199 IMG_6245 IMG_6384 IMG_6366 IMG_6165 IMG_6233Jumpsuit: Zara // Vest: Zara // Clutch: Zara // Shoes: Calvin Klein // Bracelets: Forever21 //
Necklace: Forever21
Photos: KRLMYR

If you know me, you know my love for Zara. I remember my first experience was during the summer of 2006 in Paris, France. It quickly became my go-to for any fashion forward piece, special date night outfit, or a unique accessory. Now it just consumes my wardrobe and I love it!

This past weekend I had a birthday dinner to attend at Bistro 31 and had the perfect outfit in mind. A relaxed soft jumper with a structured vest and great high heel. Top it off with a fun metallic clutch, a few accessories, and voilà! Celebrating a friend and dancing the night away was the perfect start to the weekend.

Now tell me, what’s your go-to store for some of your favorite pieces?



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  1. Brian said:
    Posted 6.5.13 · Reply

    J Crew! For me, best balance of selection, style, quality, value (i.e. not cheap, but getting your $$ worth) AND, fit. Love that I can always find something, and rarely have to try it on. Page looks great btw, nice work = )

    • fashionjackson said:
      Posted 6.5.13 · Reply

      J.Crew is another favorite for me as well! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for the encouraging words!!

  2. Sage said:
    Posted 6.5.13 · Reply

    Birthday party was a blast Friday night! So happy you were there to celebrate and dance the night away! You looked fabulous as always! Lovin the new blog!!!!

    • fashionjackson said:
      Posted 6.5.13 · Reply

      Thanks Lady! As did you of course 🙂