summer blues 2016

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Blue skies, green grass, bright sun. All signs of summer. While typically white is my go-to summer color, lately I have been lusting over every hue of blue. From baby blues & midnight navy to denim washes & every shade in between, this color has you set for summer. Pair it with crisp white and warm tan for a chic neutral story, soft blush for an added feminine element, or a primary pop color, like red, for a bold statement. Either way you do it, you can’t go wrong. See more of my summer blue picks below.

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  1. Posted 6.9.16 · Reply

    All so nice! The blue top’s my favourite.

    Vikki, xx

  2. Posted 6.10.16 · Reply

    Just scrolled through your picks and I love them all. Even though it’s winter in Australia I feel like all of these would be perfect for my upcoming summer holiday- especially the off the shoulder tops.