What I Did (& Didn’t) Buy From the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ve been shopping the NSALE for years and always manage to find clothing, shoes, and accessories I love. While this year was no different, I have definitely changed my approach to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a little bit. In the spirit of only buying what I really want and love, I stayed focused this year and walked away with only a handful of things but those things are what I consider to be the best things from this year’s 2023 NSALE. 

Just as a reminder, Icon access starts July 11, Ambassador access beings July 12, Influencer access starts July 13, and then EVERYONE can shop July 17!

Fashion Jackson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023 Womens Apparel

Left to Right: Pants | Sweater | Ruana | Blazer | Coat | Dress | Blazer | Jeans | Shirt | Jeans | Blazer | Coat
Shoes: Booties | Mules | Mules | Flats

Editor's Note: I'm 5'10 and sharing all the fit details for each item below. Click images to shop all products directly.

Other Featured Items I Didn't Buy

These Pants: I liked the fabric and fit, but they were too short for me at 5'10. This Blazer: I didn't like the cinched sleeves and the dickey didn't feel like the best quality. This Dress: Too short for me! This Blazer: Reminded me of the Masters blazer. These Jeans: Had way too much stretch for me. I like jeans a little more rigid. These Jeans: Still like my AGOLDE best. These Boots: Too similar to other pairs I have. These Mules: The heel height was kind of awkward and not flattering. These Flats: I really liked (go down 1/2 size), but I have my Chanel ballet flats and don't need something so similar.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Products

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  1. Maggie said:
    Posted 8.5.20 · Reply

    Do you mind sharing what size Nike sweatshirt you got??

  2. Jana said:
    Posted 8.5.20 · Reply

    Love all of these pieces! I can’t wait to shop!

  3. Michelle said:
    Posted 8.6.20 · Reply

    Amazing post! Thank you!

  4. Amy Brown said:
    Posted 8.7.20 · Reply

    What is the actual inseam measurement on the Topshop Jeans? The Nordstrom site says 30 but they look to be more cropped…

  5. Regina said:
    Posted 7.13.21 · Reply

    Great overview – thank you!

    For the BLANKNYC Madison Ripped Straight Leg Jeans, they look so good! The color on the site is so different than the pics. Does it look that different in person? On the fence only due to the color. Thanks for any input.

  6. Rhiannon said:
    Posted 8.24.21 · Reply

    When I found this post on Pinterest, the picture was of you wearing an amazing chunky off white sweater with a turtleneck that had a decorative edge. It’s the 4th sweater from the left on the rack of sweaters in the top picture in this post.

    I have scoured this post and the Nordstrom site and I cannot find the sweater! It’s driving me crazy! lol help!

  7. Jennifer Ang said:
    Posted 7.6.22 · Reply

    Great picks from the sale!

  8. Christine said:
    Posted 7.6.22 · Reply

    The color of the Reiss coat looks a bit lighter than expected in your pics- do you think the pictures reflect the true color? Thanks!

  9. Charlotte Hardy said:
    Posted 7.8.22 · Reply

    First and foremost I have always loved your style and love your Nordstrom Sale picks every year. With that being said, I am really interested in getting the Veronica Beard Knee boot but I also see Sam Edelman has a knee boot as well. Any chance you tried those on as well and what your advice would be on which one to buy?

  10. Jessica said:
    Posted 7.9.22 · Reply

    Thank you so much for adding your assistant’s pic with height! Love your style and LOVE to see it on a shorter person. Also, thanks for adding some color. Love seeing you in colors. Xx