December Instagram Recap

Happy 2022, everyone! I truly love the feeling of a new year. Regardless of resolutions or goals, it’s that feeling of a fresh start and a clean slate that is so exciting to me. I have so many ideas for the new year, but before I get going, I want to take a second to look back on December!

Will and I spent both Christmas and New Year’s Eve at home, and it was the best. There’s something to be said for low key holiday celebrations—so much less pressure and stress! Plus, after spending my birthday in Jackson, Wyoming (packing guide here!) and having the best time, we were more than happy to not do anything or go anywhere.

I also flew to Dallas to get my hair done and do a belated birthday dinner with some of my best friends. It was an incredible dinner (we dined at The Monarch in the Thompson Hotel) and such a fun night. Let’s just say I was moving very slowly the next day!

December was really rejuvenating for me because I low key turned “off” for a bit. As a full time blogger, it’s next to impossible to ever truly not work, but I did my best to give myself a break with daily posts and whatnot. During my time “off,” we got the house organized which was such a stress reliever! 

As for January, I kicked off the new year traveling to San Diego to shoot my latest pieces for my Amazon The Drop collection (dropping so soon! Turn on alerts so you can shop it first) and got to see my family, which always makes my heart feel fuller. For the rest of this month, I’m going to focus on getting back to daily content, figuring out a workout routine and flow that makes me feel good and works best with my schedule, and really lean into finding more delicious and healthy recipes to make at home!

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