My Favorite Amazon Jewelry Pieces

I talk about Amazon Fashion and home goods all the time, so I figured it was high time to talk about their jewelry! Yes, Amazon sells jewelry and, while so much of it looks expensive and high end, the everyday Amazon jewelry I wear is all under $50! More than that, some of it is designer inspired Amazon jewelry that serves as inexpensive versions of the latest dainty gold jewelry trend. I’m sharing all the details on my Amazon bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and so much more on today’s post.


Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is so classic but can cost a lot of money. This 14k gold plated CZ version looks like the real deal and only costs $14.95! If you’ve been wanting a tennis bracelet but aren’t ready or willing to spend the money on the real deal, this Amazon diamond bracelet is perfect for you. I have the white gold in 6.5"

CZ Diamond Bracelet

For a classic and timeless piece, this CZ diamond bangle is so pretty and will layer well with other styles or look great on its own! It’s easy to open and close and features gorgeous CZ diamonds to make it pop a bit more. Just be sure to measure your wrist so you get the perfect size! I have the 6.3" gold version.

Gold Paperclip Bracelet

The paperclip jewelry and chain link trend is very in right now, and this $6.99 Amazon paperclip bracelet ($6.99!) is an amazingly cute and inexpensive option! I especially love the CZ stone that hangs off the end. Such a small extra detail that really makes the bracelet. I have the 5mm version.


Solitaire Necklace

This is such a classic gold diamond necklace for just $13! It sits gorgeously and is the perfect everyday piece. I leave mine on even when I shower and love to layer it with the station necklace. I have the yellow gold version, it just looks silver in pictures.

Station Necklace

I adore this Amazon diamond necklace. It’s so light and goes with every kind of neckline. Plus, it’s a perfect layering necklace! I will say the description says it can be worn from 16"-30" but the version I got has just one option. I actually clasped around the last diamond to make the necklace shorter and it stayed in place all day!


CZ Studs

I wear these Amazon CZ gold stud earrings every single day more or less. They are my absolute favorite and a fraction of the cost of the real deal. I get compliments on them constantly and love telling people they’re from Amazon!


When I want to switch things up, I love these gold plated CZ huggie earrings from Amazon. Huggies are one of the biggest earring trends right now, and these are the perfect answer to that trend for just $13.95!



Eternity Band

One of my favorite Amazon jewelry pieces is this eternity band. It’s just so beautiful and, for $12.95, more than worth it! No one can tell that it’s CZ unless they get super up close and personal. It’s available in rhodium-plated (silver/platinum) which is what I have, rose-gold plated, and yellow-gold plated. 

Emerald Cut Eternity Band

If round stones aren’t your thing, there is a similar eternity band with emerald cut CZ stones that’s just as stunning. It’s also real sterling silver, making it the most expensive Amazon jewelry ring so far at $19.99 (HAHA)!

Organization / Misc.

Jewelry Storage Tray

I keep this pebble white, 8-compartment tray Amazon jewelry organizer by my bedside to keep my daily jewels safe. I can fit my bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more and the style fits perfectly with our bedroom. I have the pebbled white version.

Acrylic Jewelry Box

For everything else I don’t necessarily wear daily, I have this awesome 3-drawer Amazon jewelry box. It fits literally all the rest of my jewelry and the beige velvet and acrylic make this the perfect neutral home decor piece. I have the Elegant Beige version.

Jewelry Cleaner

If you own diamonds or really any stone, this Diamond Dazzle stick is a MUST. I use it on everything from all my Amazon jewelry to my engagement and wedding band, and it truly makes them sparkle and shine like nothing else! Add to cart immediately. 

Amazon Jewelry & Accessories

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