Outfit Ideas for Every Day in October

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Friday is the first day of October! Really where did the year go?! I had such an overwhelming response to the fall capsule wardrobe, I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate some of the styles into the next month, but also providing new outfit ideas. So with that, I'm launching a new monthly series, the monthly outfit planner! I'll provide looks that make sense for the month; anything from Monday meetings, casual Fridays, date night, weekend errands, fall weddings, travel style, fitness looks, and just about anything else you might need an outfit idea for. Like I mentioned, I'll be incorporating some pieces from the fall capsule wardrobe as well as new styles for the fall season that you can mix and match and help build your wardrobe. I'll do my best to repeat items so there is more of a reason to buy, instead of one-and-done. Styling outfits has always been one of my favorite things to do, so I'm super excited to share this new monthly series with you guys!

You can view the entire calendar at a glance, but if you keep scrolling you'll see all the individual looks and each item is linked at the end of the post. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did putting all the looks together!

Click the individual collages to shop the products directly.

Monthly Outfit Planner October

October Products

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  1. Lindsay said:
    Posted 9.27.21 · Reply

    Love this!! I can’t afford most lol but absolutely love and appreciate you putting this together. Your style is amazing, versatile and elegant as always!

  2. Janine said:
    Posted 9.28.21 · Reply

    Yes, absolutely love love love this! I do outfit collages on my blog frequently, and I enjoy putting them together so much! Thanks for sharing these outfit inspiration, your style truly is amazing!
    xx Janine

  3. Diane Rydecki said:
    Posted 9.28.21 · Reply

    This is an awesome post! Makes me want to get rid of about 60% of my closet!

  4. Melissa Collazo said:
    Posted 9.28.21 · Reply

    I love this! Thank you so much for putting this out. Looking forward to see more.

  5. Jen said:
    Posted 9.28.21 · Reply

    I love this! Thank you for helping me plan creative outfits for October!

  6. Hannah said:
    Posted 9.29.21 · Reply

    Love this!!! Looking forward to seeing these each month!

  7. Gerilynn said:
    Posted 10.3.21 · Reply

    Wow!!!! I was so excited to see the fall capsule, but the daily outfit ideas for October is amazing. Thank you, Amy.

  8. Carolyn Gruensfelder said:
    Posted 10.3.21 · Reply

    I loved your Fall Capsule wardrobe and recently used it to pack for a trip to San Francisco. It made by life so much easier!
    Thank you so much for the additional outfit inspiration!!

  9. Holly said:
    Posted 10.3.21 · Reply

    Awesome to have a month of outfits. Brilliant idea
    Thank you

  10. Natalya said:
    Posted 10.5.21 · Reply

    This is everything I needed and more. I’m obsessed. THANK YOU.

  11. Deb said:
    Posted 10.5.21 · Reply

    Love this! So helpful, but, cant use it for at least another month, maybe two since I’m in Florida and we rarely wear jackets here. Lol! Ever thought of doing one of these Fall/Winter capsules for us Florida gals?

  12. Rachael said:
    Posted 10.7.21 · Reply

    Love this so very much. Unforch, due to job, only get to wear jeans/leggings S&S. Consider adapting your brilliant style to a few more professional seasonal looks for November?

  13. Taanya said:
    Posted 10.19.21 · Reply

    I LOVE THIS!!! Please make one of these for winter. I wanna prep and get myself prepared for the future. <3