Everyday FJ | June 12, 2021

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Links & Questions

1. Top Anine Bing faves! Bloomingdale's has them on sale right now!

Definitely this sweatshirt & this sweatshirt. I wear XS in both, but the LA sweatshirt is more fitted. This t-shirt. I don't have these, but they look like summer staples! You can't go wrong with any of her blazers. And this would be a great piece to invest in for fall/winter!

2. Strapless Bra

I shared on stories the most suggested from you guys last week. It was between this one (the most suggested) and this one!

3. Your opinion of the Chanel 19 and the size you got?

I actually have two! The dark beige (small) and tweed houndstooth (maxi), so the smallest and largest sizes in the 19 family. I personally love these bags since they are slouchy, have mixed metal details and are comfortable to wear. I prefer the size of the small best, but would also go a size up if needed. I think the maxi is just a little too big to use as a daily bag.

4. Where's the black tank from in your Lux Unfiltered stories?

Here! I love these tanks for summer. Fit TTS and I wear an XS.

5. Good eye cream?

This one has been my go-to for years, but I also love this one!

6. Starbucks order!

Dirty Chai! But here is the secret way to order it and its about $1 less expensive: grande iced caffè latte with blonde espresso, almond milk, 4 pumps of chai, and one shot (you can do as many shots as you want, but for a grande size, one is enough for me)!

7. Vitamin C Serum

I've been using this one and this one and love both!

8. What bag is on your wishlist?

An Hermès Kelly bag in camel

9. Update on your Amazon Drop collection?

It's launching soon! It's a consolidated collection because I just wanted to launch with my ABSOLUTE favorite pieces! Use this sign up to stay updated!

10. The new Golden Goose sneakers from your trip to California

Here! They are such a good neutral and I've been living in them! Shocking I know...

Links & Questions Con't

11. Black & beige rug in your bedroom

This one!

12. How do you make your own dirty chai latte at home?

2 oz of chai concentrate, 2 shots of blonde espresso using the Nespresso machine, 8oz of almond milk and ice!

13. Best dry shampoo?

This one is my all-time favorite! They just updated the packaging, but its the same formula.

14. Teeth whitening?

I have veneers!

15. Vince Glyn sandal comparison to Birkenstocks. Are they worth it?

YES. I bought two colors only planning to keep one, but they are so comfortable I kept both. I will say if you only get one pair of Vince (also here), get Dune because you can always get the white Birks which are very similar to the biscotti! They are both about the same comfort level (I don't notice one better than the other), but I just love the elevated styling of the Vince.

16. Wedding guest inspiration please!

16 styles here! I LOVE this one

17. What's your workout routine?

I have online coaching from Megmo and try to workout 4 times a week. Everything is grouped by muscle category (legs, back & biceps, chest & core, glutes & hams, shoulders & tris), so I just alternate through them and try to get in 60 min of extra cardio a week.

18. How do you stretch out 100% cotton jeans like Levi's when you don't size up?

I just wear them! They will be tight, but wear them all day move around, sit in them, and just don't wash or dry them until they have relaxed.

19. Favorite face moisturizer?

I go between a few, but these are on my current rotation: this one, this one, this one, and this one.

20. Best purple shampoos & other daily hair care products

I've been using this shampoo and conditioner. My hair styling products can be found in this post!

Weekly Top 5

1. Black Joggers: These are hands down the best joggers I've ever own. Definitely better than the Amazon dupes IMO. The fabric is thicker in a good way and they have stretch which make them SO comfortable. Fit TTS.

2. Linen Top: I got this top when I was in San Diego last week and it has instantly become a favorite of mine! I love the subtle puff sleeve detail, but the linen fabric makes it lightweight and perfect for summer! Fits TTS.

3. White Ripped Jeans: Love a good pair of white jeans for summer and I especially love this pair since they have rips! No stretch, but size up for a relaxed fit!

4. Beige Workout Tank: I got this tank recently and its so incredibly soft and light weight. Perfect for summer workouts! Read this post for more fitness outfits. Fits TTS, wearing a small.

5. Tan Heeled Sandals: These sandals are so good for summer! Pair them with jeans or dresses to elevate any look. The heel height is comfortable to wear all day and they are under $100! Fit TTS.


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