Everyday FJ | June 26, 2021

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Links & Questions

1. Link for the lululemon jogger Amazon look-a-likes please

Here! I wear a size 4 in lululemon and small in this pair.

2. Volume hair product for pony tails

I actually don't use anything! I will say these Gimme hair ties DEF add some extra height, but I typically do a ponytail on my day 4 of dirty hair which helps with grit/volume.

3. If you could only have one purse what would it be?

This might come as a surprise since I have a lot of Chanel bags, but my Celine mini or micro. The Celine mini has been my everyday handbag for 5 years now and last week I got the Celine mirco so I could have the same style but as a crossbody since you can't wear the mini crossbody. Either one of these would be my choice because they are truly great bags that go with everything and aren't too flashy.

4. Your new bedroom rug!

Here! We got the 10x14 size for a king bed. This rug has been on my wish list for years, but I wanted to wait until we were in our first home before purchasing. I'm SO happy with it. Very soft and plush.

5. Did you get anything put on the bottom/sole of your Hermès Oran sandals? 

I didn't, but it prob would have been a good idea just for the longevity! I can always get them re-soled later if needed. FYI you can read my this post for my honest review of the Hermès Oran sandals.

6. Did you microblade your eyebrows? They always look perfect

Thank you! I have microblaeded in the past, but haven't had a treatment done in 1.5 years. I'm not sure there is much left. I always brush and fill in with this pencil (shade 002). Its the best on the market for sure!

7. Are you going just micro needling or with radio frequency or PRP?

Just regular micro needling at Luxe and Luna! I did 3 sessions 30 days apart and won't start back up again until 2022 and just do as maintenance 1-2x a year.

8. Have you ever had short hair and if so how long did it take to grow out?

YES and its still growing out haha. I had a little longer than chin length hair at one point in high school. My hair grows at SNAIL speed. I was right past my shoulders 2 years ago and has grown maybe 4" since then. I rarely cut more than the ends off just because it takes so long to grow. I will say I have noticed it growing a little fuller/healthier in the past year since I wasn't able to get color done with salons closed, so now I'm trying to minimize any hair process as much as possible, besides trims.

9. Best first pair of Golden Goose sneakers

Definitely something neutral you can wear with more outfits! I would say either these or these!

10. That cute black jumpsuit you shared thats not on sale yet

Its part of my Amazon Drop collection which launches Monday 6/28! Make sure to sign up here so you get notified at the exact time it launches online!

Links & Questions Con't

11. Thoughts on Chanel's price increase? 

Honestly didn't know there was another. I feel like they increase 2 times a year so I'm not surprised? I rarely buy Chanel new anymore. I love resale shops like Fashionphile to find pre-loved Chanel bags.

12. lululemon Align and Wunder Under, do you do the same size?

Yes! The align are maybe a little more forgiving than the wunder under? But I wouldn't want to size down. You can also read about my favorite lululemon leggings and the difference in their fabrics in this post!

13. Nashville restrauants? 

These are the places I have been to so far!

Dinner: Josephines, Adele’s, Santo, Butcher & Bee, Epice, Hathorne, Rolf & Daughters, 5th and Taylor, Bartaco, Moto, O-ku, Roze Cafe

Brunch: Hampton Social, Liberty Common, RH, Marsh House, Josephines, Santo, Butcher & Bee

14. What colors/washes of jeans should I own.

Definitely a great pair of white jeans, black jeans, and then a light wash denim and maybe a medium wash denim. I would personally get all of those in both ripped and non ripped styles.

15. Ideas for healthy meals? What's your typical breakfast/lunch/dinner? Snacks?

I recently started removing a lot of foods from what I eat for personal reasons, so I'm still working on dishes I like (no more gluten, eggs, or dairy). However, for dinner its almost always some sort of sautéd veggie bowl, just depends what we have in the house. I rarely eat breakfast, but if I do it's probably oatmeal or some fruit and coffee. Lunch is typically sautéd veggies over kale or quinoa. And I really don't snack too much, but love dates!

16. How do you tie the laces on your GG sneakers?

I have a tutorial on my highlights called GGDB!

17. Can we get a link for the denim jacket you had in your lululemon posts? 

Its actually linked in the blog post! The images that have me wearing the denim jacket, click "outfit details" and you'll be directed to the link!

18. Have you done dermaplaning? Thoughts on it?

Professionally, no. I asked my esthetician about it a few months ago and she suggested not to. Dermaplaning is a method of hair removal that gently removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) that live on the top layer of the epidermis. We have baby hairs on our face to absorb sweat and to block out larger particles from entering the pores. To me protecting my skin is more important that having my makeup go on flawlessly which I feel like is the only reason people really do dermaplaning. I think having great exfoliator to use 1-2 times a week to removew dead skin cells will suffice just fine.

19. Would you mind sharing your height and size you order? New follower and love your style!

Thank you! I'm 5'10 and wear xs/small in tops and 25/26 in jeans depending on the brand.

20. Where are your lights from in your new bathroom?

Here! I'm a sucker for anything Kelly Wearstler and love how these look!

5 Amazon Items I'm Loving

1. Black Tiered Maxi Dress: I'm so happy this dress is back in stock! I got it last year and it was one of my favorite summer dresses! Fits TTS and comes in 3 colors.

2. Tan Woven Sandals: These are a great summer beach/pool everyday sandal. I love the woven design and would wear with shorts, dresses, skirts, and jeans; they will really go with everything! Comes in black too.

3. Beige Long Blazer: I really love blazers, not just for the office. Paired with a t-shirt and denim shorts for a casual weekend look or you can dress up with trousers for the work. Also comes in black and white!

4. White Heeled Sandals: Love the minimal design of these heeled sandals and the wider heel will definitely make them comfortable throughout the day. Comes in so many color/textures.

5. Tan Short Sleeve Cardigan Sweater: Short sleeve sweaters are one of my favorite styles to wear in the summer and I love the color and detail of this one! Comes in 3 colors.


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