Everyday FJ | March 20, 2021

Everyday FJ is a weekly series where I round up all the content of the week plus questions and requests straight from my readers and share it all in one big post. Here you’ll find answers about fashion, home, beauty and everything in between.

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Links & Questions

1. Do you every use the dust bags that come with luxury shoes? Any tips on them?

Yes! I use them when I travel to keep the shoes protected & organized. Since I keep my shoes on display shelves, thats the only time I use them. However, if you keep your shoes stored in boxes, keep them inside the dust bags also.

2. Exact color name of your latest Gucci Princetown mules?

I bought them from Nordstrom and on their site they are called "mud". The Gucci site calls them "brown leather". Saks has a pair called "light brown". I'm not positive this is the exact color but it looks very similar. Retailers can name products whatever they want, so it's hard to say what their true color name is.

3. Soft muted leopard print leggings from a while ago?

I think this is the pair you're talking about! Still have them and love!

4. Want to invest in a black Chanel bag. What's the most timeless size/hardware?

You can't go wrong with a classic double flap! For size I think you need to try on based on your height. I loved the medium at first, but then tried the jumbo and that's my new favorite size for my frame. Definitely get caviar because it's the most durable and I personally like gold hardware.

5. White pants for work?

I have this pair which is great for spring and warmer weather. This pair and this pair are both on sale for $60. This pair and this pair are both classic options!

6. Nude sandals for spring and summer

I love this pair, this pair, this pair, and this pair.

7. Everyday and travel tote suggestions?

I love my Goyard tote (with this organizer). This is a great alternative; this one is super classic and this one comes in a lot of color options

8. White midi dress for spring/summer that has sleeves

I just ordered this one and I love it! This one and this one are also cute options

9. The jeans you wore in the Amazon t-shirt stories

Linked at the end of this post! Also these tees are SO good!

10. Peloton bike review

I haven't used it enough to write a review, but my friend Merritt has a great review on her blog!

Links & Questions Con't

11. How did your stairs turn out?

They aren't done yet! We had to demo the original stairs since we were changing the layout, but we aren't going to finish them (just have temporary in now), until the top floor is done to keep them from getting damaged. They should be done in 6-8 weeks though!

12. Bikini set please!

Lots of bikinis linked here! Swim coverups and resort style also linked!

13. Love your tweed Chanel bag! What size and style is it please?

Its the Chanel 19 Maxi (the biggest size) and quite large. I do love it though!

14. Great spring dresses?

Love all of these for Easter and spring!

15. How important do you feel heels are in your wardrobe? They make an outfit more polished?

I've ALWAYS been a fan of heels, regardless of my height. I have been wearing them less over the last year simple because I had nowhere to wear them! But I'm ready to bring them back out! I love heels of all shapes and sizes. Block heel, stiletto, short, heigh, etc.

16. Trying to decide between black or beige Gucci slides, help!

The black you can wear all year, and they are super timeless. The beige is definitely more of a spring/summer/pre-fall shoe. But that is still most of the year. I think it really depends what color shoes you normally reach for; black or beige?

17. Cute PJs

Most of mine are either from Lunya (yes worth it) or BP at Nordstrom!

18. The best plain black/white tank or short sleeve bodysuits

I don't have a tank recommendation, but I love these from Everlane! They are SO comfortable!

19. Beach sweaters please!

I like open knit long sleeve sweaters for the beach that I can just throw on over a swimsuit and I typically size up so they are more relaxed. This one, this one, this one, and this one are all great options.

20. Best strapless bra?

I actually don't own one...if I need a strapless bra I wear these instead. But this one has a TON of positive reviews, so that might be worth checking out!

Weekly Top 5

1. Black Mini Dress: Talk about the perfect dress to wear this spring. It's so comfortable, flattering, and comes in a few colors! Did I mention it has pockets? Fit is true to size.

2. Ripped Jeans: It's no secret ripped jeans are my favorite denim style and this pair has become my go-to. They have the perfect distressing and are super comfortable and flattering. I sized up in these jeans (wearing a 26).

3. Golden Goose Sneakers: I got these a few months ago, but I think now that we are really getting into spring I'll be wearing them more. I love the rose gold detail which will go perfectly with my spring color palette!

4. White Jeans: My #1 item you need for spring are a great pair of white jeans. I got this pair at the beginning of the season and I'll keep wearing them well into summer! I took my true size in these jeans (wearing a 25). More sizes here!

5. Lightweight Sweater: Spring sweaters are essential right now! This one is lightweight, easy to layer, and under $100! Fit is true to size (wearing a small).


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