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Over the last year, I’ve realized I’m a bit of a sneakerhead. Maybe not the exact definition, but a version of it. For so long, I was a heels girl but if the pandemic has shown me anything it’s that I 100% prefer a fashion sneaker over anything else. Luckily for me, the white designer sneakers trend has grown tenfold and you’re more likely to see someone in a sneaker outfit as opposed to a dressy outfit with heels! My feet are thankful, and I’m sure yours are, too.

With all this sneaker talk in mind, I wanted to round up my fashion sneaker collection to share with you and hopefully answer a lot of questions you might have about certain brands and inspire you to try on some sneaker outfits yourself! This is a true peek into my mild obsession with footwear, so I hope you’re prepared. In today’s post, we’ll cover the coveted leopard Golden Goose sneakers, adidas white sleek sneakers (as well as the superstars), and several more designer and under $100 fashion sneakers! 

Editor's Note: I'm a small 8.5. I wear a 38 in Golden Goose and a 39 in most designer shoes.

P.S. More outfit ideas with sneakers here! Golden Goose vs. Gucci sneakers? Comparison of Golden Goose & Veja sneakers

These are the newest Golden Goose, and the most comfortable in my opinion! A lot of people ask how do Golden Goose sneakers fit, and you can find out all the details in this post. In regards to the GG Purestar, they fit like a glove and have extra comfy cushioning! (I wear size 38).

I’ve worn my leopard Golden Goose sneakers into the ground already. As much as I love plain white sneakers, there’s definitely room to get a bit more fun with it and these leopard GG kicks do just that. (I wear size 38).

Golden Goose Superstar sneakers the OG of designer sneakers, IMO. They’re the ones that got me into fashion sneakers in the first place, and I’ve been a loyalist ever since! They’re available in so many patterns and colors, so you can really let your personality show with these. People often ask are Golden Goose sneakers are worth it, and I say that if you wear sneakers on the daily like me and are into the fashion side of it, YES! (I wear size 38).

I absolutely love my Gucci Ace sneakers. Gucci has some of the coolest branding, and their fashion sneakers are just another example of that. From the instantly recognizable gold bee to the iconic red and green stripes, these designer sneakers are the perfect mix of cool and high fashion. I love wearing mine with a good pair of jeans, a great trench coat, and a red bag to draw the red out from the shoe a bit more. Read my honest review of Gucci Ace sneakers here! The sales associate said most go down 1/2 a size, and some go down a full size. I went down 1/2 a size and they fit perfect! (bought size 38, same as my Golden Goose).

Vejas got on my radar 2 years ago and have stayed there. They’re famously a little tough to break in, but once you do, they’re adorable, straightforward, white sneakers with a distinct logo anyone will recognize. The Veja V10 is a classy white sneaker, that’s for sure. Here I'm breaking down everything you need to know about Veja V-10 sneakers. (I wear size 38).

This year I added the Veja 3-lock velcro sneakers to my line-up and am so happy with them! I am a total sucker for the velcro look, and velcro fashion sneakers are where it’s at. I’ve been wearing these non-stop because they are just so easy to take on and off, perfect for travel days! (I wear size 38).

The Sam Edelman Aubrie sneaker is the perfect fashion sneaker under $100. If dropping hundreds on designer sneakers isn’t for you, these are such a similar style to Golden Goose and a fraction of the price! I have them in the bright white/greige leather and love them as much as my fancy sneakers. (I wear a size 8 which is my true size in Sam Edelman).

The classics that, if you’re old enough, throw you back to middle school. I wore adidas Superstars then, and I still wear them today which should prove just how classic they are! If you’re into fashion sneakers that can be identified a mile away, definitely add a pair of these to your arsenal. (I wear size 8 which is my true size in adidas).

The adidas Sleek sneaker is like the older, more mature sister of the Superstar. She’s not as flashy, but she’s reliable, very cute, and one of the most (if not most) comfortable sneakers I own. If you love adidas but want an all-white sneaker, this is it! (I wear size 8 which is my true size in adidas).

Last but not least, my newest pair of sneakers! As if I haven’t shared enough all white fashion sneakers, Frye (yes, the boot company!) has a super chic option, too. I just got a pair in the mail, and they fit like a glove and are the simplest, cleanest white fashion sneaker! If you're looking for a simple yet comfortable shoe that will go with every outfit and keep your feet comfortable all day, this is the pair for you! Might be my new travel sneakers, they are that good! (I wear size 8.5).

Fashion Sneakers

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  1. Courtney said:
    Posted 2.26.21 · Reply

    I’m so glad you like the Frye shoes!! And so glad someone with influence finally discovered the Frye Ivy sneakers!! I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and have raved about them to friends, but have never seen anyone share about them before. Got mine right before my first New York trip, did not break them in, and was able to comfortably walk around the city wearing these shoes the ENTIRE time (walked prob about 5 miles per day for 4 days). I’m still wearing my first pair a lot and they still look great, but I will rebuy these shoes in the future for as long as they make them!

  2. Sara said:
    Posted 2.27.21 · Reply

    Haha, I get you! I’m a sneakerhead too! Your fellow shoe addict, as I always say! Great picks, Amy!


  3. minau said:
    Posted 2.27.21 · Reply

    Great sneakers collection!Sure I love the Adidas Superstar-

  4. Posted 8.30.21 · Reply

    Thank you for this post! Lots of great information you shared. I have the Veja Campo sneakers and love them. I’ve been on the fence about getting a pair of Golden Goose sneakers, but now I just might have to buy a pair!