I Found My Wedding Shoes!

Last weekend in NYC, I wanted to go to Bergdorf’s to try and find my wedding shoes. Prior to the trip I had been searching online and really wasn’t having any luck. I knew I wanted a sandal, based on the style of my dress and date of the wedding, but everything seemed too casual. I also didn’t want something SUPER over the top. Cait and I went to Bergdorf’s after brunch on Saturday and made our way to the best shoe floor in the city. There were SO many gorgeous pairs, but I was feeling a little like Goldie Locks, “this pair is too fancy…this pair isn’t the right color…” We were nearing the end of shoes and then I saw them. It was instant and I knew they were the one (almost like when I met Will)! I showed them to Cait and she agreed they were perfect (without even knowing what my dress looks like). As soon as I put them on I was sold. I already have these in black (without the crystals), so I know how they fit and know they will be comfortable all night long!

Editor’s Notes: Fit is TTS – wearing size 39.