My 10 Favorite Airport Outfits to Inspire Your 2020 Travel Style (And Travel Essentials for Jetsetters)

Its no secret that I love to travel - luckily I get to travel often for my job! I feel like within this last year I have pretty much nailed down my "go-to" travel style, how to efficiently pack a suitcase, found the best items for organization and overall just mastered the art of jet-setting. Today I'm sharing my top 10 travel outfits that can be worn pretty much year-around.

For me layering is essential. You never know if the plane is going to be too hot or too cold, so making sure I have piece to layer like a cozy scarf, or comfortable jacket is key. I've also pretty much given up on wearing "cute" shoes. Sneakers are the best, especially if you have a short connection and need to get to the gate quickly! If I'm traveling from somewhere warm to somewhere cold, I'll put my heavy jacket in my carry-on and wear appropriate footwear for that climate. Check out my travel category for more packing tips, airport outfits and my destination guides, and let me know if you've mastered any travel tips in the comments below!

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