After Decades of Travel, These Are My Favorite Travel Bags

As a seasoned traveler, I like to think that I have packing and traveling down to a science at this point. I rarely get stressed out about what to pack or what to pack it in because I have a system that I swear by, and that’s what I want to share with you all today. I may wait until the very last minute to pack (as evidenced on Instagram every time a trip is coming up), but I do it right and that’s what counts! Today’s post features my go-to travel bags from suitcases and carry-ons to cosmetic bags and crossbody purses.

Team Favorites

I asked the Fashion Jackson team what some of their favorite travel bags were, here's what they said:

1. No surprise here, everyone is a fan of the Goyard tote!

2. This tote. It zips, which is great to ensure nothing spills out, and I can carry it long. Plus, the straps wrap easy around my carry-on!

3. I second the Amazon carry-on you have. It's just so good.

4. This small velvet zip up jewelry case from Amazon. I love it so much and can't believe I ever traveled without it?!

5. The Luka Duffel from Calpak in the original size. It comes in tons of colors, the puffy material is so cute, and the inside is very spacious. Most importantly, it fits over the handle of my roller luggage perfectly and, yes — it fits underneath the seat! It also tons of compartments so you can really organize your stuff.

6. I asked for the oversized carry-on roller from Away for Christmas, and I’m so excited about it. I love that you can customize it with a fun monogram, and I'm hoping I find one under the tree!

7. These clear cosmetic bags by Sonia Kashuk from Target. They're only $10 each and being able to actually *see* your stuff without digging around in a black hole is amazing.

8. My favorite tote for travel is the Isabel Marant Yenky Tote (regular size, not the small size). The material is very thick and high quality with thick barrel sewn straps, which I love because when I carry my laptop in my Goyard, I always get so nervous about the straps snapping! This bag, though, easily carries a LOT of weight. Plus, the Amazon insert from my Goyard fits perfectly inside so there's plenty of organization opportunity. The height also makes it easy to stash my purse or thick scarf on top for boarding the airplane. I have the black/black colorway.

9. My husband has a Halfday Garment Bag Duffle and uses it ALL the time for his overnight trips now. Would make a great gift for a husband/dad/FIL, etc!

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    Where did you get the perfume atomizer you used to get perfume from your main bottle? Thank you.