15 Items in My Amazon Cart

So, what have you been shopping on Amazon lately? I think I place an order every day, or at least every other day and, with fall so close, I’ve been adding a lot to cart lately! I’m sharing what’s in my Amazon cart and what I’ve already ordered recently today, and there are some really good pieces in here. Keep scrolling to get the details!

My Amazon Storefront here & Amazon finds under $50.


In My Amazon Cart

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  1. Jane said:
    Posted 8.23.21 · Reply

    Great post, lots of good ideas! So glad you like pilates! I’m a pilates instructor, it’s addictive! The more you know the harder it gets but that’s what keeps it interesting and our bodies aligned and working properly. I’d be interested in hearing about your journey with it xx

  2. Diane Rydecki said:
    Posted 8.30.21 · Reply

    Your girl Emmasthing is a riot! I love her honesty. Def a new follow for me. ❤️