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It has taken me years to find exactly what my home decor vibe is. Just like personal style via clothing, you have to experiment with styles, fabrics, shapes, and looks before you really understand what you feel best in and what speaks to you. Will and I bought our home in Tennessee three years ago now and, while it’s pretty much been in a state of renovation since we moved in, I’ve consulted with myself and interior designers enough to know that transitional home decor is what I love the most.

Transitional home decor is a mixture of both traditional and modern styles. It perfectly blends feminine with masculine, luxury with comfort, and antiques with modern-day pieces. I feel that this also describes my personal style, so it makes sense that my home turned into the same! I love being able to provide the best of both worlds throughout our home, and today I’m sharing some transitional home decor pieces in hopes you get inspired.

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Transitional Home Decor

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Custom Couches (similar) | Coffee Table | Area Rug | Wall Sconces | Pendant | Vintage Mirror (similar) | Faux Fiddle | Fireplace Screen

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