Everyday FJ | April 2024

Welcome to the monthly Everyday FJ series. Here I'll be sharing a little bit of everything; home updates, life updates, travel plans, what I'm shopping for, Nashville spots I've tried, discount codes, and really anything from the month that you guys might be interested in. I got a lot of requests with what you would like to see here, and it is actually helping me for future blog posts. I wanted this series to just be a true "everyday FJ" anything and everything. As always thank you so much for your support and following along, I truly appreciate you all. If you have a question or request, fill out the contact form or follow along on Instagram and send me a DM.

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Q: Hi Amy! I bought the pants and the black asymmetrical one-shoulder top from Nordstrom you posted, but the top is personally too cropped for me however I love the look. Do you have any other similar tops you can recommend?

A: Yes! Here is the original outfit for readers to reference. This one, this one, this one, this one, and this one are all great alternatives.


Q: Which two sneakers are you loving right now? I'm looking for a new pair and would appreciate some input, thank you!

A: I love the new adidas sambas I featured in the Spring Capsule. The light neutral color is perfection. I also still love my Loewe sneakers. The exact color isn't available anymore, but this white pair is on my list!


Q: I love your tan! What product (if any) did you use?

A: I have been loyal to Loving Tan for yearssss. I like the dark 2 hour express. Make sure to wash off after 2 hours or it will get you REAL dark (unless that's what you're going for!) I follow up during the week with Loving Tan lotion which is a new-to-me product. It smells incredible. For my face I use Tan-Luxe drops with my moisturizer at night 1-2 times a week.


Q: Where is your key bowl from?

A: Etsy! I love this bowl so much I have it in 2 sizes in the house. For the key bowl at the entry I'm using the 12" diameter. The quality is SO good especially for the price!


Q: Is your diamond tennis necklace real, or like Dorsey? I'm looking for one.

A: You'll never guess but its Amazon! I'm so impressed with how good it looks in person. I have the 16" and its great. For larger purchases like this, I like to test the waters and get something more opening price point to see if I would actually wear enough to justify the real deal. I've worn a ton and its holding up just fine for now!



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  1. Pam Peltzman said:
    Posted 4.29.24 · Reply

    If you could give updates on your landscaping efforts that would be awesome!