What style are your Celine sunglasses?

I have two pairs of Celine sunglasses that were both bought in store at Nordstrom. The black pair is style CL 41076/S and the aviators are style CL 41391/S.

What size/color is your Celine bag?

I have the Celine Mini Belt bag in light taupe calfskin. Out of all my designer bags, it is hands down my favorite and worth the investment. I have had it for close to two years and use it 90% of the time, and it’s still in great condition. It’s the perfect size to hold a little more than my usual smaller bags. I highly recommend this bag.

What size did you get in your Gucci belt?

Read this post for my guide to buying a Gucci Belt

How tall are you and what size do you wear?

I’m 5’10 and wear different sizes depending on the brand. I’m typically an XS-S in tops, 2-4 in dresses, 25 in denim, and 8.5 or 39 in shoes.

Who does your hair?

San Diego: I go to Kelsey Norton at Rinse Salon for cut/color in North Park. I typically get warm blonde highlights & a toner. I ask for a blunt cut (no layers). I go about every 10-12 weeks.

Dallas: For color I go to Adriana Martinez (owner) of Revel Workshop in the Design District in Dallas. I have been going to her for about 7 years and think she does the best at blonde hair! We typically alternate sessions with highlights and Balayage.

Will you do a hair tutorial on your curls?

I have a hair tutorial here. I use this shampoo & conditioner, dry shampoo, volume spray, and split end seal.

What kind of dog do you have?

Scout is a malti-poo (Maltese Poodle mix). He will be 9 at the end of July, but still has the energy of a puppy. He is literally the sweetest dog you will ever meet. He has the best personality and loves anyone that will show him attention. His favorite things to do are play with his ball, sleep, and now the beach!

What is your workout/diet plan?

I have a personal trainer I meet with 3 times a week. We focus on HIIT exercises combining cardio with plyometrics exercises 2 times a week and 1 day a week we box! It’s such a great full-body (and mind) workout! Read more fitness posts here.

Regarding diet, I’m pretty healthy for the most part, but I indulge when I feel like it. I try to eat mostly plant based, but I have a weakness for sushi & cheese.