March Instagram Recap

It’s that time of the month—a full recap of what I shared over on Instagram throughout the month of March! Spring is officially here and, besides all the rain we’ve been getting in Nashville, it feels amazing outside. I’ve definitely spent some serious time (and money) on getting our back patio all set up and ready for the springtime weather and made a few fun patio furniture collages you should browse for your home!

I got to takeover the Instagram page on Sunday, March 28 which was so fun. I always feel so honored when they ask me to do that, and subsequently meet new Internet friends who come over to the Fashion Jackson page! I didn’t skimp on daily looks in March, so there were lots of those. I made a promise to myself in February that I would get dressed every day in March and trade my loungewear back in for “normal” clothes, and I stuck to it!

April is literal days away, and I am so excited for what the month will bring. My biggest plan as of right now is visiting Dallas in late April for some work and some fun, but who knows what the other weeks will bring!

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