How We’re Exploring Our New Hometown

Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Black Tank Black Leggings White Sneakers 3
Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Black Tank Black Leggings White Sneakers

One of the best ways to explore a new city (especially during these unprecedented times) is to literally walk out your front door and let your feet guide the way. Back in San Diego, Will and I were super active—we had a trainer and were in the gym at least three times a week pre-COVID. However, with the pandemic shifting our exercise routine and this big move, our exercise has taken a backseat for the last little while. Not anymore, though! We wasted no time once we got to Nashville and were in our favorite lululemon gear and outside as quickly as we could be.

It’s no secret to you guys that lululemon is my favorite activewear brand, and I’m loving these newer pieces even more with the incredible humidity Nashville has! This crop tank with the cut back is ideal for short or long runs and walks to get some sort of relieving breeze on my back. I’ve been pairing it with lululemon’s long line bra, which can double as a crop top if you get way too warm being outside and need to shed some layers! And, as always, the Align leggings are without a doubt the best workout pants ever created. These three lululemon pieces are my top choices for outdoor running gear, and I never forget my belt bag which is perfect for your house key, phone, face mask, credit card, chapstick, and even doggy bags! 

As of now, Will and I are taking in Nashville by walking/jogging around our new neighborhood and sometimes venturing out a little further, but we’re itching to find great trails to take the dogs on because they love joining us. If you know of any great trails around the Nashville area, please leave a comment! And don’t forget to fill up a water bottle before you leave the house; staying hydrated will make your outdoors time that much better.


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Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Black Cut Back Crop Tank Black Leggings 2

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  1. Holland said:
    Posted 7.9.20 · Reply

    The McCabe Greenway is GREAT for walking/running, biking, and walking dogs! There’s even a creek for dogs to swim.

  2. Samantha Werner said:
    Posted 7.9.20 · Reply

    Hey girl. Welcome to Nashville! Yes, it gets quite hot and humid here. We enjoy taking out dogs to Percy Werner Park and Bells Bend. There are also many nice greenways around the city that are pet friendly. We like to cycle on the greenways too.
    My husband and I have been in Nashville for 10 years, so if you ever have questions about anything like a good hairstylist, aesthetician, healthcare providers, etc. please feel free to reach out.

  3. Doriana said:
    Posted 7.9.20 · Reply

    Hi Amy! You should definitely go to Radnor Lake and Percy Warner. Radnor has easy trails but beautiful views and Percy Warner has more challenging trails.

  4. lh said:
    Posted 7.9.20 · Reply

    welcome to town! glad you’re here! radnor lake and percy warner park (tons of trails. the belle meade mlvd entrance with the stairs has a nice (paved) 6 mile loop and ~45 min trail). also it’s always nice to walk in cheekwood (and the chihuly exhibit is opening next week!)

  5. Lynn W said:
    Posted 7.9.20 · Reply

    I love that cropped tank! And I love that you and Will enjoy working out together!! I think it’s a great way to strengthen a pun. 😉

  6. Sarah said:
    Posted 7.10.20 · Reply

    Shelby Bottom Park in East Nashville has miles of paved and unpaved trails that are dog friendly. Welcome to Nashville! I hope you love it as much as I do.

  7. Posted 7.14.20 · Reply

    Excited to see more posts of you exploring Nashville! I’ve visited just once,though had an incredible time. Such a great city, enjoy! xo Jaimie

  8. Erin said:
    Posted 7.14.20 · Reply

    Radnor Lake is the most beautiful hike in my opinion! We got at least 2-3 a week, and it’s provides a lot of shade to keep you cooler!

  9. Stephanie said:
    Posted 7.21.20 · Reply

    Hi there, love your post I have a lot of these lululemon essentials but I was pulled by your shoes as well. Can I ask where you got these from?