My 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… The NSALE at Nordstrom! Every July, the NSALE rolls around, and every July, we all obsess over it. Yesterday, the 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview came out and of course it immediately made me ready for fall! It’s been said that year after year, the products seem repetitive and, while that’s partly true, I view that as a good thing for a few reasons. The first reason is because you can never go wrong with staples, so if NSALE products from years past look similar, that’s just another chance to add a staple to your closet you might’ve missed last time. Also, you may not shop the sale every year, so sale items look completely new to you! Lastly, I personally love when they bring back popular items because they sell out so quickly and this gives you another chance to grab it this time around.

That being said, my wish list for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is completely full this year. From sweaters and coats, to fall appropriate shorts and black booties, here’s what I have my eye on this year! Of course I'll still get the usual beauty, activewear, and loungewear items I do year over year, but this year I'm most excited about the items below.

While there are still plenty of styles you can find to wear during the remaining summer season, fall is definitely the highlight of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So, why not save now on fall items that are typically more expensive when buying in season? Scroll down for details about each of the items on my wish list from the 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Key Shopping Dates

Icons: 7/6/2022
Ambassadors: 7/7/2022
Influencers: 7/9/2022
Public Access: 7/15/2022
Sale Ends: 7/31/2022

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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  1. Liz said:
    Posted 8.4.20 · Reply

    Very excited for the sale! I get in Friday. Are you able to earn commissions when items are placed in wishlists? I am genuinely asking as I added a few of your picks to mine, and want to make sure you receive “credit.” Thanks for all of your Anniv sale due diligence 🙂

    • Posted 8.9.20 · Reply

      Aw thank you! I’m not sure once they are in your wish list, but very kind of you to ask!

  2. Emily said:
    Posted 7.7.21 · Reply

    Love your picks! I’ve noticed that some of the styles are already sold out, or have only limited stock. Wondering whether it’s a glitch on the website, or if these items truly won’t be restocked in time for the sale?

    For example, this little number: