What I Packed for Telluride | A Summer Packing Guide

On Sunday, Will and I left for a 20+ hour road trip with our dogs, to our favorite place in the world: Telluride, Colorado! Will lived there for years and I’ve been lucky enough to visit it numerous times in my life. We both love it so much, we decided to pack up the car and the dogs and take a break from the heat by heading out west to the mountains for a little summer vacation.

Telluride is a stunning mountain town, and Telluride weather in the summer is perfection. The high stays between 65-70º during the day and drops to about 50º at night, AKA dream weather. I wanted to share how to pack for a trip to Colorado mid-summer because it requires a lot of smart layering options. Of course, there are plenty of Amazon travel essentials that made the list of what I packed, and tons of ideas to nail that Telluride fashion look. 

What's In My Bag

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