The Top 10 Fall Clothing Essentials All Women Need

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage and for good reason—they’re simple and stylish when executed right. Earlier this season I shared my fall capsule wardrobe with you guys, and today, I want to share what I consider to be the top 10 fall essentials every closet needs that could possibly get you through the entire season without having to buy anything extra (but who are we kidding)!

1. Faux Leather Leggings (Spanx or Commando)

These are such a great staple piece for a fall wardrobe. Leggings themselves are already great, but make them faux leather and they become an elevated version of a comfortable classic. I’ve had my Spanx & Commando leggings for years now (comparison here!), and still look forward to putting outfits together based around them come the fall/winter! They look great with booties, over-the-knee boots, and sneakers and are so comfortable.

2. Booties

Can a girl have too many booties? Don’t answer that. Bootie season is my favorite season, and I fully support having multiple pairs that lend themselves to countless outfits. Camel suede, black leather, leopard—there’s a bootie for every foot, no matter what your personal style is!

3. Sweaters

Sweater weather is the best weather, and I’ll find any excuse to grab for a chunky knit during fall. I love how a great sweater with great jeans replaces a great white tee with great jeans in the fall—it’s a warmer version of such a classic outfit, and these are some of my favorites.

4. Suede/Leather Jacket

Another essential fall piece is a leather jacket or faux leather jacket. Actually, make that a leather moto jacket. It’s a great piece to have not only for casual days, but to dress up a fall outfit without having to put on actual dress! Black leather moto jacket, black jeans, black booties, and boom—you look fierce and ready for date night.

5. Sweater Dresses

You don’t have to go crazy on fall dresses and skirts since it’s jeans’ time to shine, but having at least one or two great sweater dresses you love is always a great option, especially for date night. Wear with over-the-knee boots to really knock your dates’ socks off!

6. Jeans

Denim:fall::sundresses:summer. 99.9% of the time, I grab for jeans when getting ready for the day. While I love, appreciate, and own plenty of dresses and skirts, I’ve always been a jeans girl and strongly believe you need options. Straight leg, skinny, boyfriend, high-rise, mid-rise, blue, black, white—these are some of my favorite go-to jeans that I wear all the time.

7. Sneakers

When you’re not feeling the bootie look, having a few go-to sneakers for the fall season is optimal. Veja, Golden Goose, adidas, Sam Edelman—my sneaker collection is growing every month because they’ve become my obsession, so here are some I love and wear often.

8. Cardigans

Long cardigans are my favorite layering piece for fall. They’re so easy to add to a tank top or basic tee for some warmth without being too bulky. Plus, they fit perfectly underneath a coat when it starts to get really chilly!

9. Shacket

If you don’t have a favorite shacket jacket by now, it’s time you treat yourself to one for fall. Shackets are just so incredibly versatile and look amazing with just about any outfit, jeans, faux leather leggings, joggers, you name it!

10. Wool Hat

I’ve grown to love hats as an accessory, especially a felt fall hat. It’s the perfect touch when your outfit doesn’t feel complete yet (or you’re on day 5 of dry shampoo), and immediately pulls your look together. Jeans, sweater, booties, hat—a perfect fall outfit.

Those are my top 10 fall essential wardrobe pieces. What are yours? Leave a comment!

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  1. reger said:
    Posted 9.16.20 · Reply

    I’ve searched and searched but cannot find an example of how you have knotted your sneaker laces to make them a slip on. Your approach is much more modern than the “boat shoe” tie, can you please share?

  2. Angelica said:
    Posted 9.17.20 · Reply

    You definitely covered it all! Great looks you look great in all of them.

    XX Angelica

  3. Christine said:
    Posted 9.19.20 · Reply

    The Abercrombie plaid jacket is sold out). Do you have any suggestions where I can find one VERY similar to the one on this site?

  4. Martha said:
    Posted 9.23.20 · Reply

    Which are your favorite white-shirts? It’s very hard finding one that is not too raggedy

  5. Popple Karen said:
    Posted 9.23.20 · Reply

    Love all of these!

  6. Teresa Johnson said:
    Posted 9.30.20 · Reply

    Nice ideal more fashion boots please thank you

  7. Summer said:
    Posted 10.3.20 · Reply

    Hi, love your style as well as all outfits!!! Super stylish yet chic. By the way what bag is it you are carrying in picture 1 under sweaters and sweater dresses. Thanks!

  8. Christy said:
    Posted 8.17.21 · Reply

    Love this post! Still relevant for 2021 or would you edit? Thanks❤️