12 Stylish Winter Outfits Ideas

People always ask me what my favorite season to dress for and it’s definitely fall/winter!! I'm a sucker for layers; coats, scarves, cozy sweaters, booties, and everything in between. For me I pretty much just stick to wearing either a black, grey, or camel wool coat throughout the season and just mix and match more neutral sweaters & denim. I have found that by doing so I can make so many more outfits! Anything from a casual winter weekend, to a dressy winter night!

Today I'm rounding up some of my favorite winter looks I've worn and sharing how easy it is to recreate any of these looks. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Click the images below for outfit details.

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  1. lucygucy said:
    Posted 2.5.19 · Reply

    did you find that the vejas took a long time to break in?

    • Posted 2.5.19 · Reply

      not for me! but I didn’t wear them for a long period of time the with the first few wears. I think that helped!

  2. Lonna Larson said:
    Posted 2.5.19 · Reply

    Love your style! I like 2,3,6,7, &10 best, but overall if I have to pick one…. it is 7! I don’t live in a place where I can wear heels often, (I wish!) so the more slightly casual everyday outfits are great.

  3. coxy said:
    Posted 2.5.19 · Reply

    Judging by your recommendations, you definitely don’t have the cold, snowy, winter weather we have here in Norway. Heh.

    • Posted 2.5.19 · Reply

      Yeah I live in Southern California, so my winters are a little different!

  4. Clara said:
    Posted 3.1.19 · Reply

    I love the way you style the layers. I’ve been trying to find coats like these that will work in warmer environments! Picked up an oversized blazer that I’ve been wearing as an outer layer from ‘of mercer’ and think it’s accomplishing close to the same look. Thanks for the inspo!

    • Posted 3.2.19 · Reply

      Thank you so much! and that’s a great idea! have a great weekend! xx