Breaking Down the 8 Essential Jackets and Coats You Need for Fall

Fall is always one of my favorite times of the year, not only for the cooler change in weather, but also for the apparel. While sweaters and booties are at the top of my list, jackets are my favorite to wear during the season. I've always loved adding a third piece to my outfit to complete the look. A jacket during fall is the perfect item for that, plus adds additional warmth. These 8 jacket styles will help to build a versatile wardrobe and have you set for the season. What are you favorite jacket styles to wear during fall?

1. Denim

Oh little denim jacket. How I love you. Tied at the waist, layered over sweaters and t-shirts, paired with jeans or dresses, you really can do no wrong with this classic style. More recently I've been wearing my oversized denim jacket for a laid-back look, but I'm really loving a fitted style to dress up the outfit a bit. This style can not only be worn during fall, but truly all seasons!

2. Blazer

This style is definitely one to wear year-around, however, I especially love blazers in the fall. Whether you're looking for an update for the office, or something that can be worn over the weekends, blazers are stylish and chic. For something a little more season-appropriate, try added a plaid blazer into your wardrobe.

3. Sweater Coat

This style might not be top of your mind when you think of fall jackets, but in certain climates a sweater coat might be all you need! Layer over jeans, leggings, dresses, you can really do no wrong, plus the style is incredibly comfortable!

4. Leather / Suede

These jacket are not only styles I love wearing during the fall, but all year around. I think every stylish woman needs a great leather/suede jacket (black or tan) in their wardrobe. Layer over dresses, pair with a t-shirt & sneakers, or skinny jeans & heels, a leather/suede  jacket is essential for every closet.

5. Puffer

Puffers might be my favorite type of coat during the fall and winter. Not only are they incredibly warm, but they come in a variety of colors and lengths that each offer a different look: athleisure/sporty, fashion, and just straight up wintertime!

6. Trench

A trench coat is probably one of my favorite fall styles to wear. I have worn this one numerous times both dressed up and dressed down. It looks so chic with heels, and effortless with sneakers. While I have shared a few budget friendly options, I think this classic style is definitely worth investing in.

7. Shacket

What is a shacket you ask? Heavier than a shirt, lighter than a jacket, enter the shacket. This season I'm all about the new trend. They are on the oversized side, so easy to layer over bulky sweaters and wear longer into fall. I've already bought two so far, and can't wait to add a few more to my wardrobe.

8. Wool / Cashmere

A wool coat might seem a little early to wear for fall, but since winter technically doesn't start until December 21, I thought it would be important to have as it will be cold prior to that. Wool coats were my most asked about & shopped style last year. I think camel, grey, and black are the only three you need, as they can be layered over any neutral outfit and instantly look chic.

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  1. lauren said:
    Posted 9.21.19 · Reply

    Where is the tan leather jacket from? It is different than the one listed in the outfit detail.

    • Posted 9.30.19 · Reply

      Its the exact same! The color just looks a little different on the website

  2. Yvonne said:
    Posted 11.3.20 · Reply

    Hi! What size are you wearing in the Annie Bing blazer? And do you get a lot of use out of it?
    Thank you for all your tips!

    • Posted 11.10.20 · Reply

      XS and yes! It’s one of my favorite pieces. Easy to dress up or down!

  3. Millie said:
    Posted 11.13.20 · Reply

    I’ve been looking for a green puffer like that for months! The Amazon photo looks quite oversized, but yours looks more fitted. You seem a similar size to me – what size did you go for? Drooling over all these outfits! You are my autumn classy fashion inspiration!