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Q: I know you have shared before, but can you please link the wet/dry vacuum again?

A: Here you go! I love this vacuum so much, its grossly satisfying how much it cleans. With iLoop smart sensor technology, FLOOR ONE S3 detects wet/dry messes on sealed hard floors and intelligently adjusts suction power and water flow for completely clean results. Floors dry quickly and streak-free.


Q: Where to get adidas white sambas and how is sizing?

A: Linked what I could find here! For sizing, I normally wear a women's US 8 in sneakers. For these I got the men's US 7 and they fit perfect. For reference, I also wear a 38 in Veja sneakers and Golden Goose sneakers.


Q: I'm looking for crossbody handbag options non-designer logo and under 1K. Do you had any recommendations?

A: Yes! Shopbop has a great assortment of handbags that are within this price range and "quiet luxury". I rounded up some of my favorites here!


Q: What is your favorite candle?

A: This one. Its one of my "expensive but worth it" items. It comes in a few sizes but it's not lost on me that its very expensive for a candle. I try to use sparingly. The scent is SO good and has a nice spread throughout the house. I've gifted it a few times and the recipients always say its their new favorite!


Q: How would you suggest starting a whole wardrobe restyle?

A: I would start by determining what I want my new style to be. Compile an album of inspo outfits from Pinterest and/or Instagram. Start to recognize the similarities in pieces/colors/silhouettes you're drawn to. Check to see if you have any of those items already. Then start to build your list. I would try to capsule it and make sure you have numerous outfit ideas for each item. Then as you start to get dressed daily, if you realize "I need X" make a note of it. See how often you wish you had that piece, and then add if necessary. You'll start to get the hang of outfit formulas, and also what kind of items you feel the most confident in. Invest in those pieces. For what it's worth, this was my though process behind creating MAYSON the label. I've always prided myself in wearing wardrobe essentials and really wanted to make sure I could offer pieces of great quality and longevity to consumers. 


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Q: I know you started using the ZO regime, how do you like it? Did you stop using the BR P50V? And if so, what from ZO do you use in place of it? I love the ZO Daily Power Defense but I'm not sure if I can mix with other products.

A: Short answer, I LOVE ZO. I am fully committed and solely using ZO products. I was advised ZO products work best when only using ZO. This could be a marketing tactic, or it could be true, either way, I've only been using ZO since August and have noticed such a difference. I wish I had taken more progress pics, but I'm planning to do a full ZO review. Yes, I did stop using Biologique Recherche P50V. I'm using the ZO Calming Toner paired with ZO Complexion Renewal Pads both morning and night. I'm consulting with Bethany who has created a personalized skincare routine based on my needs and goals. 


Q: Can you recommend a belt that looks as crisp as Celine belt but doesn't cost Celine belt levels?

A: I'm assuming you're referring to this Celine belt I have. These are a few other belts I'm loving that are minimal in design and look great! This one, this one, this one, this one, & this one (under $50!).


Q: I sold off my Golden Goose sneakers and want a less flashy pair. Was thinking Vejas, but I don't know which ones or if you had any recommendations?

A: Sneakers are my weakness! First, check out my favorite sneakers post here. At the moment, I'm wearing my adidas the most. However this pair, this pair, and this pair are on my radar! 


Q: What size is your Bottega Veneta black handbag?

A: I have the teen! I was originally planning to get the small, but after trying on in the store, the small didn't feel as comfortable as I was hoping. It wasn't until a few months later I tried the teen and I couldn't be happier! I use this bag 99.9% of the time now. Its the perfect day to night bag.


Q: I know you have shared your phone case before, but I was wondering if you would mind sharing again?

A: I get this same case pretty much anytime a new phone comes out. Just simple, sleek, & gold. They do have more colors and sizes here



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