Denim Guide: My Favorite Jeans In My Closet

Jeans are a way of life as far as I’m concerned. You can never have too many, especially when you consider how every single pair of jeans is made differently. Straight leg jeans, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, cropped jeans—there’s a style and silhouette for every occasion and mood, which is why jeans are so incredibly versatile and the basis of every good outfit. In this denim guide, I’m going to go over the 2023 jean trends and share my absolute favorites across the board with you in every category including white jeans, non-skinny jeans, and so many more. It's safe to say AGOLDE and Citizens of Humanity are my favorite brands right now.

Editor Notes: I'm 5'10 and my "normal" jean size is 26. 

New Denim

I always love a season change and since jeans are one of my favorite clothing items, I'm always excited to grab a few new styles for the fall season. I've only just started so make sure you check back as I'll continue updating this post with new jeans for the fall season. Below are two new AGOLDE styles I got from Shopbop that I'm loving!

Most-Worn Denim

These are my tried and true styles that I'm constantly reaching for. Most I've had for years. I also feel like these styles are the most versatile and timeless.

Slim Jeans

While I've gravitated the most towards relaxed and loose leg styles, there are still times when a slim jean is necessary. They are great for fall when wearing tall boots for a clean look. Plus they are a great option if you're able to wear jeans to work.

Ripped Jeans

I haven't been as drawn to ripped jeans lately, I'm loving a clean style at the moment. If you love ripped jeans, these have been my most-worn of all time.

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  1. Anna said:
    Posted 2.25.19 · Reply

    You look adorable in jeans. I’m also a denim girl

  2. Jen Russell said:
    Posted 2.25.19 · Reply

    Thank you for this post! So helpful! You’ve become my absolute favorite! For sure you are “my go to” for anything fashion and beauty ❤️❤️

    • Posted 2.25.19 · Reply

      Aw thank you so much, Jen! I appreciate your sweet comment xx

  3. Susan said:
    Posted 2.25.19 · Reply

    Love this series and can’t wait for the next installment. I love that you’re looking at different lengths… as I am 5’11”… but I would love different rises as well. I HATE high rise jeans… feel they make me look like my mom anyway- thank you!!!

    • Posted 2.25.19 · Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Susan! Please email me if you have any denim styles you’re interested in for upcoming series so I can look into including xx

  4. Emily said:
    Posted 2.26.19 · Reply

    LOVE this post! Your page and content is always so spot on and helpful. I second Jen below, you’ve become my go to and I’ve purchased a lot of your recommendations which have been fantastic.. and about to do so with some jeans above 🙂 Thanks for it all!

    • Posted 2.26.19 · Reply

      Aw thank you so much!!!! You are so sweet to leave a nice comment Emily! xx

  5. Ashley said:
    Posted 2.28.19 · Reply

    I think that you could wear anything and it would look good.

  6. Monica said:
    Posted 2.18.20 · Reply

    This was SO helpful!! Loved this review!

  7. Julie P said:
    Posted 2.21.20 · Reply

    Love the looks. How high up does your hem sit above your ankles?

  8. Nipa said:
    Posted 3.2.20 · Reply

    I just went shopping for jeans but didn’t find any I loved. I’ll check out some of your favorites! xo Nipa

  9. Wendy Benoit said:
    Posted 4.5.20 · Reply

    This is great but Im not crazy about the High Rise look, it just makes my belly pop out. I prefer a mid rise style so I’ll keep checking your website for other denim recommendations. Thank you for putting this together though, its easy to see the different styles when they are all on the same post.

  10. Angelica said:
    Posted 3.24.21 · Reply

    Super cute! I love a good classic plain white tee and quality denim.

    XX Angelica

  11. Cecilie Aggerholm said:
    Posted 3.25.21 · Reply

    I absolutely love this as well as your previous denim reviews. However,I was hoping there would be more jeans with stretch – most of these are 100% cotton, and I feel as if I can’t move freely around in them. Also, they are often too hot for summertime. Some spandex or elastane would really work wonders for the fit and feel.

  12. Emma Schoch said:
    Posted 3.26.21 · Reply

    Hi! I usually love your product reviews but I’m a little confused here. Some of your jeans you say are 100% cotton do have stretch in them. And then the white Charlotte jeans from CoH you say have stretch are in fact 100% cotton with no stretch. These reviews are super helpful for me so I’d love if you could clarify the denim composition in the future!