How to Stay Motivated with Working Out

Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Black Beanie Black Jacket Black Leggings 2
Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Black Jacket Black Leggings

‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and try our best to stay in shape between it all! Everyone struggles with wanting to eat all the things during the holidays, how could we not? With all the big meals, sweet treats, and addictive appetizers floating around, it can feel next to impossible to not indulge and you absolutely should. But having a full-proof game plan to stay active and on your feet during the holidays will be your saving grace, and the cuter you look, the harder you’ll work (that’s not a fact, but I feel like it should be) which is why lululemon is my go-to for looking and feeling good.


lululemon Favorites

Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Black Beanie Black Jacket Black Leggings
Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Black Beanie Black Jacket Black Leggings 1

Treat Yourself to New Gear

My number one tip for staying fitness focused is cute gear. I know, I know. It seems silly. But, when I buy a new workout outfit from lululemon, the excitement of getting to wear it during my workout makes my motivation skyrocket! If I look good, I feel confident and that is truly half the battle of staying fit during the season. And between lululemon’s women’s and men’s gift guides, featured below, it’s so easy to find what will make you feel good! My entire look is lululemon from head to toe.

Enlist an Accountability Buddy

It’s amazing what working out with a friend or your partner can do for your motivation. Set a time where you guys meet outside at a distance once a week and go on a long walk together! I’m lucky that Will is naturally so active—we love going on jogs and walks together, and gives us something to look forward to in the name of exercise. Plus, he looks killer in all lululemon men’s.

Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Down for It All Black Jacket

Join a Virtual Gym/Hire a Personal Trainer

This may sound simple (or ridiculous), but honestly it works. If I rely on just myself when it comes to having a fitness routine, it just won’t happen. Plain and simple. This year, when everything shut down, I decided to follow in my friend @emmasthing’s footsteps and work with her virtual personal trainer, @megmo_fit. Emma had such amazing results, I wanted to give it a go and it’s been such a rewarding journey so far. On the free side of things, though, lululemon has tons of free workouts on both their Instagram highlights and YouTube that are at your disposal always! 

Set Goals, Then Crush Them

I’ve always found that setting small goals for myself pushes me forward in my success. For example, I want to lift this weight by this date or I want to sprint this much faster by this date. Creating fitness goals automatically makes you feel motivated and gives you something to work toward. If clothes really motivate you like they do me, make a silent pact with yourself that if you complete said goal, you can treat yourself to something at lululemon!

Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Black Beanie Black Jacket Black Leggings 4
Fashion Jackson Wearing lululemon Black Beanie Black Jacket Black Leggings 3

With holiday shopping in full-swing, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some workout essentials and buy gifts for the other casual athletes in your life. Below, I'm sharing some of my favorite lululemon items for both men and women this holiday season!

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  1. emma said:
    Posted 1.12.18 · Reply

    One: You look so cute! I need those leggings! Two: Great tips! I’m with you, I have to be paying or I’m not motivated to work out. I’ve joined a gym and I do really like it, but what really gets me out the door is knowing that everyday I don’t go is money down the drain! Now that it’s a new year, I think I need to review my fitness goals and set some new ones. Thanks for the motivation to do so!

    • Posted 1.14.18 · Reply

      Thank you! Glad this post encouraged you for new 2018 goals! xx

  2. Posted 1.13.18 · Reply

    Loved this post! I definitely agree that looking and feeling cute in your workout gear makes you WAY more motivated to actually go to the gym. I personally am a Pilates teacher and love group fitness so much. Paying for something is such a great incentive to be consistent whether that be for a studio or personal trainer.
    I found your Instagram/blog last year and have been loving your style and posts so much. Today on my blog I featured you as one of my favorites that I am taking inspiration from for 2018. I’d love for you to check it out!
    xoxo Logan

    • Posted 1.14.18 · Reply

      Logan – thank you so much for the feature & such kind words! Hope you have a great 2018!! xx

  3. YZ Chan said:
    Posted 1.16.18 · Reply

    Great tips! I definitely struggle to stay motivated with working out, so your post is really useful. 🙂