Is the Dyson Hair Dryer Worth It?

I'll be the first to admit I'm SUPER late to the game with the Dyson Hair Dryer. When it first came out 2 years ago, I thought it was absurd to even consider spending over $100 on a hair dryer, let alone $400. I had multiple girlfriends, including my hair stylist, tell me how amazing it was and that I should really consider it. Because I had just received a new hair dryer from another brand, which I really liked, I wasn't in the market for a new one. Fast forward to a month ago when I finally decided to pull the trigger and see what all the fuss was about.

Fashion Jackson Using Dyson Hair Dryer

Product Details

Hair Dryer: Dyson (refurbished) | Towel Wrap: Bed Bath & Beyond | Rake Comb: Mason Pearson
Round Brush: Ion (also here) | Heat Protectant: Seven | Split End Seal: Oribe | Hair Clips: Target

Dyson Hair Dryer also available at: Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, QVCSephora, Ulta

Fashion Jackson Blow Drying Hair with Dyson Hair Dryer
Fashion Jackson Blow Drying Hair with Dyson Hair Dryer

If you follow my Instagram Stories, you might remember seeing me talk about how I bought not one, but two Dyson Hair Dryers. Now, this might seem crazy at first, but hear me out. Prior to Black Friday, eBay had a really great deal (almost 50% off the MSRP) for a refurbished Dyson Hair Dryer from the manufacturer. Finally, I decided to order the refurbished one, but also buy one brand new from Nordstrom so I could compare. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it, and it holds moisture in big time. I timed how long it took to dry my hair with my current hair dryer and it was right under 16 min. About a week later my refurbished Dyson Hair Dryer arrived from eBay. I had already received my new one from Nordstrom, so I immediately took it out of the box to compare.

Back of Dyson Hair Dryer
Dyson Hair Dryer with Styling Nozzle
Dyson Hair Dryer with Nozzle Attachments

They were as I assumed, identical. Looked the same, felt the same, all the attachments were there, the only major difference was the hair dryer from eBay didn't come in the original Dyson packaging. I could care less about this because I throw everything away anyways. However if you're looking to give it as a gift, just keep in mind some options from eBay might not have the original packaging. Since I had received the new Dyson Hair Dryer from Nordstrom a few days prior, I had already washed and dried my hair with it. It took under 7 min! I couldn't believe it, my time was cut in half! Based on that I was already falling in love with the hair dryer. Next, I timed myself with the refurbished Dyson Hair Dryer and it took the same amount of time (+/- 30 seconds). I was sold. I decided to return the new on from Nordstrom which I had paid $400+ tax and keep the refurbished on from eBay which at the time I had paid $220.

Dyson Hair Dryer with Attachments
Orbie Split End Seal Mason Pearson Rake Comb Dyson Hair Dryer

The Dyson Hair Dryer dries my hair faster and better than any hair dryer I've ever used. It leaves my hair feeling incredibly smooth, like I just left the salon, and it doesn't leave my hair frizzy whatsoever! The Dyson Hair Dryer has a sensor inside that measures the heat of the air to keep it from getting too hot. It cranks out a lot of air so it doesn't have to use as much heat, but still dries my hair faster than ever. Plus its not nearly as loud as previous hair dryers. I can easily hold a conversation and not feel like I'm shouting. It comes with a few attachments - I like the styling nozzle for a more precise blowout. Overall the Dyson Hair Dryer is lightweight, quiet, dries hair faster than ever, and gets the job done well.

I've honestly never loved drying my hair more. I am now able to give myself a great blowout without having to go to a salon. So, is the Dyson Hair Dryer worth it? Absolutely.

Photos: Arielle Levy

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  1. Young said:
    Posted 12.15.18 · Reply

    I usually let my hair air dry, but I have been eyeing the Dyson hair dryer. Thanks for sharing a refurbished option!

    The Style Intermission

  2. A said:
    Posted 1.24.19 · Reply

    Is the Mason Pearson rack comb worth it? Are there any others you’d recommend that are a bit more cost effective? xx

    • Posted 1.24.19 · Reply

      I’ve had it for years & love it! It’s great for wet hair/detangling without causing breakage.

  3. Dominique said:
    Posted 2.16.19 · Reply

    I’m so tempted to pull the trigger on the Dyson, even more so now! Btw where is your vanity tray from?

  4. Ali said:
    Posted 4.5.19 · Reply

    Thanks for this super helpful post! I recently ordered a refurbed Dyson off eBay and it didnt have the grounding plug like my friend’s did. Thankfully I was able to return. I wanted to make sure that your refurbished dyson from that seller had the same plug as the new dyson from nordstrom? Did it come in a sealed manufacturer refurbished box? I was reading elsewhere that is how they come. Thanks!

    • Posted 4.6.19 · Reply

      My refurbished is the exact same as a new Dyson. The only difference is that it didn’t come in the original box as mentioned in the post!